GP Tuition for JC2 students
Intensive Revision

Students should review their learning progress and allocate time to identify the areas of improvement for A Level General Paper. The Intensive Revision programme for JC students will focus on the development of proficient comprehension and essay writing skills and regular practice sessions.

For students that enrol in the, the Final Intensive Revision will place greater emphasis on the refinement of writing techniques for comprehension and essays. Students will undergo extensive class practices to build up the confidence to tackle the examination questions. Also, the revision will feature topical enrichment and comprehension practices to expand on the knowledge of GP issues.

What our GP Tuition will feature in the Intensive Revision will support the JC students in their preparation for the A Level GP examinations through the Intensive Revision. The GP Tuition revision is comprehensive as it covers different class activities to promote spontaneous thinking and improve answering skills for GP essays and comprehension questions.

1) Topical and Content Enrichment

Students will be introduced to various GP issues, like Education, Social Media and Science & Technology. The classes will cover key terms, issues, and discussion of topics that will help students to understand the complexities and significance of GP issues. By doing so, students can derive the underlying implications from comprehension passages and expand on their essay discussion effectively.

2) Essay Writing Skills

Application techniques for GP essays are essential for those who strive to attain grade A in A Level General Paper. The revision programme will facilitate the acquisition of essay writing skills, like question analysis, outline setting, paragraph development, and point elaboration. Also, students will learn to write different types of essays, like the ‘Do you agree’ (DYA) and ‘To what extent’ questions. As such, students will become versatile in their writing abilities and develop the confidence to excel at the examinations.

3) Comprehension Answering Techniques

The development of comprehension answering skills is achieved through the use of practice questions during the GP tuition revision programmes. Students will learn how to read the given passages and annotate important parts of the text. Under the guidance of JC GP tutor Simon Ng, students are encouraged to engage in activate discussion to understand the intentions of the writers, such as why they use certain phrase and italics. Hence, students will develop the proficiency and flexibility to tackle different types of short-answer comprehension questions.

4) Summary Writing and Application Questions (AQ) Practices

Although summary and AQs are part of the GP comprehension question component, the revision programme will also feature practice sessions for students to improve specific skillsets that are related to these two sections. Students will develop writing techniques, like word substitution, extraction of information and arrangement of ideas. Then, within the given timeframe, students will write out their answers to simulate examination conditions. Therefore, a realistic frame of practice will prepare students adequately for the GP examinations in Term 3.

5) Class Practices and Question Discussion advocates the undertaking of regular and extensive class practices as students can identify their knowledge gaps and limitations in answering questions. The GP Tuition revision programme will feature class practices for GP essays and comprehensions to help students to build the familiarity of questions. Furthermore, JC GP tutor Simon Ng will review the answers of students and provide feedback on the areas of improvement. Post-practice discussion will be conducted to encourage students to reflect and check their answers more thoroughly, so as to minimise errors.

Intensive Revision

Our intensive revision for general paper tuition will be conducted during March holidays, June Holidays, July, August and October. The GP tuition classes focus on quick revision General Paper essay writing and comprehension, AQ and Summary writing skills to help JC GP students consolidate their knowledge before A Level General Paper examination. Our GP tuition at Bishan will also place emphasis in giving our students many attempts on a great range of questions so as to enhance their adaption to examination and reduce their apprehension during JC General Paper examination. Exam techniques on JC GP Essay writing and Comprehension skills will be taught to help students reduce their errors and improve their proficiency during GP examination.

Call GP Tutor Simon Ng at 96890510 to sign up for JC General Paper Intensive Revision programme. Our GP Tuition  lessons will be managed by the principal GP tutor Simon Ng from