Events and Workshops

At, we organize intensive revision  with special GP Skills Development Workshop for students taking our GP Tuition at various phases, such as March Holiday Revision Programme, June Intensive Revision Programme, September Revision Programme and Final Intensive Revision Programme in preparation for J1 Promotional Examinations and A Levels Examinations.

These GP Tuition Intensive Revision workshops consist of GP Essay Writing and Thinking Skills, Comprehension Answering Techniques and Topical Enrichment. We aim to raise the students’ capacity to develop writing structure and causation and nurture their language expression and application of the GP content.

Please refer to the Intensive Revision page for more information on current or upcoming events and workshops. For any clarifications, please call Simon at 96890510.

JC Economics Skills Development Workshop at SMU

In 2014, we have organized a JC Economics Skills Development Workshop at SMU.