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Free Trial for GP Tuition

We welcome all JC students to attend our free trial class to find out how to study the subject productively and how we can help you attain your desired grade A. During this lesson, students are taught some basic comprehension or essay writing skills and engage in a class practice where the gp tutor marks and reviews to depict the strengths and weaknesses of the student. The aim of the lesson is to provide students an understanding on how they can get grade A for their GCE A level examination.

What you get from our trial class? ?

Experience the trial lesson and understand how we can get you grade A. Learn more about the key areas of studies, such asthematic real-world issues and the writing methods, so that you are ready for the upcoming challenges

Develop your Essay Writing or Comprehension Answering Skills
Go through class practice to apply learning
Review your errors and understanding of the lesson.

What you will do during the trial class

During the 2-hour trial lesson, you will watch an enriching study video, receive a set of thematic notes and attempt a comprehension or essay practice. Then, review your errors with the GP tutor.

Types of GP Tuition Programmes

GP Classroom Tuition @ Bishan

GP Classroom Tuition @ Bishan engages the student at our centre with close guidance and teaching. The tutor is able to have roundtable discussions with students and have timed classroom practices to ensure that students are able to apply the knowledge and skills learnt during class.

$220 for J1
$280 for J2
GP Online Tuition

GP Online Tuition is conducted online via a live streaming feature. Through the live stream, the tutor will engage in meaningful discussions with students, provide effective revision notes and use specially designed digital learning tools.

$200 for J1
$280 for J2