Learn GP Comprehension Skills from GP Tuition

With GP Tuition, expect to learn advanced GP Comprehension Skills and Techniques and prepare to overcome the often daunting Comprehension component in the GP Paper. Our GP tutors will borrow from their years of teaching experience to provide the best possible learning approach for our students. Given an intensive scrutiny of past year GCE A Level Papers as well as past year Prelim Papers, we have formulated an organised methodology to impart the extensive amount of comprehension skills to students while maintaining learning productivity and knowledge retainment. Hence, we believe that enrolling students stand to benefit amply as they internalise expert teachings and learn to apply to examination papers.

How our GP Tuition teaches GP Comprehension Skills

At our GP Tuition, we teach students GP Comprehension Skills in an exam-oriented approach so as to promote productivity and efficiency in students. This is crucial as the examination requires quick thinking and effective answering to fulfil its question demands.

Therefore, in the article below, we hope to enlighten our readers the steps to securing an A grade for the Comprehension component, through the steps, namely Read and Extract, Logical and Expressive Argument and Intellectual Acumen Development. These steps serve to give a substantial comprehension guidance and provide the confidence in you when you tackle your next comprehension!

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Read and Extract

The ability to read and extract is an important technique for students to master as comprehension passages tend to be long and tedious which necessitates quick reading and analytical extraction. This involves active reading skills to draw out key ideas of each paragraphs to reduce reading time, which is essential when answering inferential and application questions.

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Logical and Expressive Argument

We encourage students to practise construing logical and expressive arguments in order to assist their answer development, especially for higher-order questions. Such a skill is best honed with question exposure and thorough tutor’s review such as our Study with Simon Programme, which ensures continuous improvements in targeted weaknesses.

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Intellectual Acumen Development

Lastly, students aiming to secure the A grade in Comprehension should take note to nurture their intellectual acumen in the process of practising examination papers. As such a diverse subject, GP requires a mature acumen to yield intelligent answers that displays a strong and quick understanding of the tested passages.

What are students’ common errors in Comprehension

While there are many ways to excel in Comprehension, it also critical to look back at students’ common errors in this particular GP component. These errors often pile up and eventually result in a substantial loss of marks for the students, all of which are avoidable. Therefore, this article will dedicate to the common errors and teaches keen students to stay clear of them.

Broken causations

Many of our students claim that they do not understand why they have lost their marks despite understanding the question requirements. Such a claim has much relation to forming broken causations. Students who skim on their explanation will discover that their causations lack important scoring points which contribute to the loss of marks.

Unable to grasp the key idea of passage

With time being squeezed in midst of an examination environment, students often miss out on key ideas of a passage as they try to finish their passage reading in the shortest possible time. This, however, is counter-productive as students do not derive extensive understanding from the passage, losing out on the main passage ideas which leads to poor answering subsequently.

Unable to fulfil AQ requirement with substantial local examples

An arguably tough component, the AQ tends to be answered poorly as students are unable to fulfil its question requirements with substantial local examples. Many students have little knowledge in the local context and become clueless when asked to provide examples in Singapore with relation to the topic in question.