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Download our GP Frontier Magazine app, which is an online education resource for JC students to study A Level General Paper more effectively. In this app, you can explore a wide range of real world issues, such as the problems of environmental degradation and the challenges of globalization.

Features of our GP Frontier Magazine App

How our learning app will prepare you for Grade A

The GP Frontier Magazine app contains many useful features that organise the issues into specific segments, such that you can understand the topics better. In fact, this app will be including more episodes in the near future. So, do not hesitate to download and subscribe to our online magazine app!

Thematic issues

Identify the perspectives that cover the featured topics better, such as the economic, political and social implications of globalization. These articles are written to provide a more in-depth coverage of the real world issues.


Browse these visually-attractive infographics to find out more about the fascinating aspects of the featured topics. We cover different angles, such as interesting trivia, statistics and recent news reports.

Educational Videos

Watch our learning videos to find out more about the featured topics in engaging ways. These videos are essential in summarising the key concerns, which can be used to support your answers in examination questions.

Facts & Figures

Examine the facts and figures that serve as useful examples to back up your points in the answering of A Level General Paper questions. Additionally, these points are illustrated in eye-catching ways to pique your interest.

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Download the GP Frontier Magazine app to get started.

Education Publications

Apart from the online app, we also feature written publications that were written by our JC GP Tutor Simon Ng. These articles are found in local magazines, like the Education Guide from POPULAR. Browse these articles to be familiar with the concerns of A Level General Paper and get useful study tips.