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Our GP Tuition Online programmes will prepare you for the GCE A Level General Paper examination through three main features. We use thematic discussion for knowledge enrichment, followed by question practices for content application. Further analysis and evaluation will be carried out to enhance your thinking and writing skills.

Clear, Concise and organised

Thematic overviews, snippets of key information and commentary of current events provides an in-depth yet organised way in which students can easily absorb and remember. With such materials, students will be able to show off critical thinking and depth of knowledge, in line with the goal of the cultivation of the 21st century competencies outlined by SEAB.

Scope and Mastery

The use of thematic overviews and checkpoints allows students to keep track of their journey towards stellar results. The structured and organised provision of the sources, coupled together with the ease of accessibility from both online and offline sources, will give students a direction with an understanding of scope in their mastery of General Paper.

Analysing and Evaluating
Higher-order thinking

General Paper requires higher-order thinking skills alongside proficiency of the English language. Skills involving analysis, evaluation and synthesis requires the learning of complex judgemental skills such as critical thinking and problem solving. GP Tuition Singapore will help students develop such quintessential skills with a myriad of tailored programmes and resources.


Our GP Tuition programme offers thematic notes to broaden your areas of discussion. Also, we have featured discussion of real-world issues in our monthly reviews. Enhance your reading and writing skills with our online learning support as well.

Thematic Notes and Key Areas of Discussion

We make sure that the resources and materials are arranged orderly to enhance your learning. The GP notes feature a list of articles, videos and reviews which will expand your knowledge. These resources include the overview of issues, relevant debates, key terms and other areas of discussion to enrich your knowledge.

Discussion on Current Events and GP issue of the month

You will learn to be more articulate and expressive which is the writing mentality that students need to cultivate and nurture. When you think and talk in this manner, you will raise your capacity to become a better writer as you are opinionated, spontaneous in thinking, expressive and articulate.

GP Comprehension Skills

Browse our website to get useful tips and enhance your GP comprehension answering techniques. Find out more about the essential areas of study for General Paper, such as the common errors that students make when answering comprehension questions.