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As part of the learning education network that aims to aid JC students to make them proficient learners, we are glad to make known our linked learning portal, GP Tuition Singapore to JC students. At this learning portal, students will be able to acquire knowledge on how to do well in their study for the 8807 GCE A Levels General Paper examination.

About GP Tuition Singapore

This learning portal aims to help JC students to improve their grades for General Paper, shaping them to be prolific essay writer and effective comprehension doer. At GP Tuition Singapore, students will be access to knowledge on how to expand their knowledge acumen on various GP Issues, improve their writing Essay Writing Skills and improve their GP Comprehension Answering Techniques.

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How aids your learning

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Broaden your knowledge with our GP notes

Make good use of our GP notes we make sure that the resources and materials are arranged orderly and systematic to enhance your learning. We give you an overview, debates, key terms and other areas of discussion to enrich your knowledge. Discussion will be made and your comments are noteworthy as this will make this discourse more interesting and enriching.

We have a wide range of topics and they are monitored and regulated by our editorial board of top GP tutors in Singapore like GP Tutor Simon Ng and GP Tutor Justin Ng who are enthusiast and passionate about the teaching of General Paper for GCE A level. The GP notes will be enriched with a list of articles, videos and reviews which will helpful in expanding your knowledge to better improve your content.

We wish to spark and catalyze you to be the reflective thinker who is capable of intellectual opinion developer and critical reviewer. You will improve as a student and a writer in the future who will make sound and sensible judgement and evaluation on diverse GP issues.

Learn now from this GP notes now and see how we can make you shape you to be more knowledgeable than yesterday.

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Debate with Us on this GP issue of the month

We like to hear from you about this matter. What you think about this matter is important to us and to you. Building an opinion is part of the learning curve to be a prolific writer, showing how your belief is forged and how you explain it. We believe that individuals must be ready to state what they believe in, prove how they are correct and show how they disagree with others.

You will learn to be more articulate and expressive which are the writing mentality that students need to cultivate and nurture. When you think and talk in this manner, you will raise your capacity to become a better writer as you are opinionated, spontaneous in thinking, expressive and articulate. You will have the Sensible Mind which we, GP tutors at GP Tuition Singapore, wish to nurture in our students.

Be the intellectuals of the knowledge-based tomorrow. Be the voice that speaks out what you think and feel about the world.

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GP Comprehension Skills

Read and learn from this website about some of the important and essential comprehension techniques and study tips on how to improve your comprehension skills. We have tips on how to help you to be more aware of the mistakes that you may have created and how to hone the critical answering techniques that students would need to acquire. Learn more about the reading process, the mistakes that you may make, the extraction techniques and others.