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Learn to think and write in a logical manner

At generalpaper.com.sg, we conduct GP Tuition through our methodology that stimulates the student’s thinking and writing to mould them into critical thinkers and proficient writers. With an exam-oriented approach focusing on thematic discussion, essay writing and comprehension skills and practices, students are able to hone their intellectual acumen, learn important application skills and tackle their GCE A Level General Paper examination with confidence to excel in this subject.

How we get you grade A for GP

General Paper is a subject that many students have difficulty coping with as it requires them to have a proficient level of language and writing skills and accumulation and application of knowledge that take considerable time and effort to develop.

At JC Achievers Club with generalpaper.com.sg, we aim to provide structured learning plans to guide students in preparation for the GCE A Level General Paper examination. We provide three different types of learning programmes to make students’ revision efforts more goal-oriented, manageable and effective which suit their studying approaches.

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JC Achievers Club

Achieve academic excellence for GCE A Level

With the aims to nurture and guide students towards achieving their academic excellence at the GCE A Level examination, the JC Achievers Club is formed to guide students to be achievers in their academic development especially for this year GCE A level examination.

How we help you to achieve academic excellence

JC Achievers Club aims to help students gain a conducive and effective approach in their studying for GCE A level. JC Achievers Club guides students to understand the scope of their study, the type of content that needs to be sourced and the type of practices that needs to be attempted to ensure that what students learn are applicable during the examination. With JC Achievers, we provide the most effective, productive and easy methodology to excel for GCE A level examination.

JC Achievers GP Study Teaching Methodology

What you learn in GP Study Programme

JC Achievers Club offers GP Study, a programme that is dedicated to improve the students’ General Paper grades. This is done by improving their reading, thinking and answering skills for comprehension and content application and writing skills for essay writing. With these teaching activities, students can study General Paper in a comprehensive, easy and structured manner to write and answer effectively in the GCE A Level GP examination.

Thematic Learning

GP Study is prepared in a thematic manner, to ensure that students get an in-depth understanding of each topic. The topics chosen such as Social Media and Science and Technology are the popular and common topics covered in the GCE A Level GP examination, ensuring that the content learnt in GP Study is applicable for the students.


Notes are prepared to introduce students to the themes. The notes are supplemented with webinars where we will go in depth into discussing essay-related topics and questions such as the pros and cons of Science and Technology in the modern society.


GP Study aims to hone the students’ critical thinking skills by engaging in online discussion. Discuss will not only help students think in a critical manner, it also exposes them to the views and perspectives of other students participating in the online discussion.


To ensure that students are able to apply what they have learnt from GP Study during their examination, they will be provided with comprehension and essay practices.

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