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The fear of General Paper has discouraged some students who have the potentials to make it in university to choose the ‘poly path’ instead of the JC route. In doing so, these students have missed out on an opportunity of education which will enrich their minds, articulate their expressions, develop their sensibility and nurture their critical mind, in short – the cultivation of the Sensible Mind – which will prepare our youths for the future as knowledge makes our youths to be good decision-makers.

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The Benefits of General Paper Education

What can the youth learn from GP education? Well, for a start, you will know more stuff and this will make your life more interesting as you are aspired to do more things. You can understand life in a better and different way as your horizon is widened and expanded to inspire to achieve more in life. Your capacity to think, acumen to accumulate more knowledge and you abilities to express in writing and conversation improves. By virtue of this development in our youths, they are now more prepared for the globalized, technologically influenced and and knowledge-based economy. In short, our youths will become the reflective thinker with the Sensible Mind.

Why fear General Paper? We can allay your fear towards GP.

I understand why some students fear this subject as I did feel this way when I was pondering to enrol for JC. Language deficiency, inadequate knowledge, poor logic and thinking skills, these are the weaknesses I had. As many weaknesses as you can name them, I see these faults in me too, back then. Many students fail to see that the weaknesses we have at this age is natural and that is the reason why we need to take enrol in a subject like General Paper to help us be a better thinker, a knowledgeable individual and a prolific writer. The right subject for me to improve myself just like it will be the same for you.

As you read more, your vocabulary power will be raised. When you think more, you become critical and analytical. When you write and answer more questions, you can articulate better and more sensibly and expressively. Nobody can improve unless he works for it and this is the same for the study of this subject. Facing the weaknesses and learning to overcome it is the natural and only way for a person to improve.

So, How should student prepare for this subject JC General Paper?

Students must be mentally prepared for this daunting task as it is quite laborious and tormenting as they will spend many hours, days, weeks and months before they can observe their improvement. Students must be brave to make errors and prepare for criticism, although it may be embarrassing at times as their weaknesses and ignorance may be laughed at. Be keen and passionate as you make discussion. Be creative and logical in your writing and thinking. Place quality as your essence in your learning as there is no best way in one‘s writing but always a better way.

Be Productive

Having a productive and effective way of learning for General Paper is definitely an encouraging and systematic way of learning. Students must have a good set of materials for them to read as this can be easy and can be done by referring to site likes where you can have a collection of materials which are useful or alternatively, you make your notes and materials with the help of your teacher or from your GP tuition.

Be persistent and consistent

You can only improve if your think and write more. Students must be prepared to do more exercises like essay writing and comprehension practices to strive for improvements. Unlike other subjects like JC Mathematics, the focus of the practice is not the number of questions that you will practice or the right answers that you can derive but the focus on the quality of writing – a better sentence, paragraph or introduction and a more analytical paragraph of writing. It is only through more practices that students can nurture thinking and writing skills that poise them for grade A for GCE A level examination.

Be inquisitive and keen

The accumulation of knowledge is an ongoing and perpetual process where your are constantly on-the-go for more information, nurturing your capacity for reflection and articulation. One must be ready to be the keen and inquisitive learners of the future – the acumen to handle challenges in a more globalized, educated and technologically determined world. Students must have the passion for knowledge, not just for the sake of examination but for the sake of learning.

Our teaching focus

Our JC GP tuition focuses on the aims of knowledge enrichment, intellectual thinking, essay writing skills and comprehension answering techniques. To achieve this, our lessons are exam-oriented with extensive emphasis to nurture the skills and imbue in students the necessary knowledge to prepare for examination. Imperatively, we also emphasize on the cultivation of the intellectual acumen of JC students to shape them to be better thinker, writer and intellectual of the future.

Be knowledgeable

It is not easy to study for a subject with no fixed area of content and depth of learning, given the fact that the general knowledge for JC students to master is immense and extensively wide. What many students face in this journey of knowledge enrichment is the lack of a systematic arrangement of materials that they can use for their examination. Often, we see how JC students are thrown sets and piles of materials for reading before examination and unfortunately, they end up not using the materials at all for their tests and examinations. At this GP tuition centre, we focus on the empowerment of knowledge where knowledge accumulated by students must be taught with the art of application in their discussion and answering. We do not believe in the regurgitation of knowledge without precise understanding on how to use them in relation to the requirements of examination. Knowledge is only useful if you know how it is used for your betterment.

Be reflective

We mold our students to be reflective thinker who are logical, sensible and articulate. As prolific writers, students are capable to present in-depth discussion in an orderly manner with appropriate words of expression and logic of ideas in causation. As logic intellectuals, they can understand well of the content of passage, extract appropriate information and answer accurately the requirements of the question due to their developed capacity for discussion and explanation. We believe in nurturing this development of intellectual reflection to make them improve their abilities to utilize information to become better writer and articulate debater, the reflective thinker with Sensible Mind.

Be skilful

We also focus on the nurturing of essay writing skills and the comprehension answering techniques as this is a subject without fixed content of learning but a subject whereby students rely on these critical study skills to achieve academic excellence. Students must possess these skills to ensure that they do well for their essay writing and comprehension paper.

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Who is GP Tutor Simon Ng?

SImon Ng is the founder and principal tutor of and has been the GP tutor for many JC students in Singapore for the past fifteen years. Under his guidance, there is close to 100% passing rate for all students who had attended his GP tuition and a large portion of the students had also attained Grade A or B. Simon is a passionate and caring tutor who understands the difficulties and complexities of the study of General Paper. To prepare his students well for examination, an-house learning programme, the Methodology of Sensible Mind, is designed to poise students for academic excellence.

Please feel free to call Simon @ 9689 0510 for a discussion on how he can help students to make studying for General Paper an enriching experience.