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What about the Learning Resources in our GP Tuition

This class content provides the teaching activities and materials for learning. Only students are able to have a complete access of all materials at this website and class practices at our gp online elearning system.

At our elearning system, student will be given more materials to provide effective practices for betterment and progress.

Learning materials provided:

  1. Content Enrichment Notes
  2. Essays and outlines for Review
  3. Video and blogs for kniwledge acumen and Practices

Online practices:

  1. Comprehension practices for SAQ, Summary and SAQ
  2. Short paragraph development
  3. Essay Practices
(Answers will be provided after completion of assignment)

Personal reviews with students will be done on a monthly basis and for major tests or examinations.
Consultation can be provided after 10 p.m. from Tuesday to Friday after 10 p.m.(Please contact the tutor to arrange in the afternoon.)

GCE A Level Examination

Understand the examination that your are talking

We have provided JC students more information on the nature of questions for both essays and comprehension for the GCE A level examination. This would enable JC students to brace themselves with information that helps them prepare for the examination. Students are able to understand the requirements of the examination and derive a method on how they can come up with a study plan on how to ace the subject. It is also an opportunity for students to understand how we have successfully helped many JC students get grade A in their studies.

GP Tuition

GCE A Level Essays

Understand the way how the essay question for the GCE a level has been set recently, observing how the requirements of the question have become more specific based on a thematic framework. Students must know how they can generate ideas to form the arguments and elaboration to answer the questions. Get the skills or knowledge from the list of gp videos or essay outlines we have posted in this website as we build more blogs to aid all JC students

Learn to Write
GP Tuition

GCE A Level Comprehension

It will be beneficial for JC students to know more about the types of questions and how you can answer these questions. Know how the questions are phrased and what must be understood to be more proficient in phrasing the answers for the comprehension paper. In addition, the changes in the types of passages for the paper will also shed more light on how students can better develop the answer. Lastly, learn how we can teach you the comprehension answering techniques to get grade A.

Learn to Answer
GP Tuition

GCE A level GP issues

Our GP issues will be a vital source of information that equip students with the capacity to create content knowledge. This is a significant part of learning and we are pleased to provide the information to build the acumen. Students can also learn how they apply the information to answer the requirements of the question.

Build Your Acumen

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Find out more about how you can have a teaching methodology that get you grade A for GCE A level. You will learn more about errors and let us show you how to correct them.
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Online Practice

Check out our online practices and see how we can help you to learn better with the GP Study Plan @ JC Achievers Club


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