Aims of our GP Tuition Online

The main aims of our GP Tuition are to provide our students an educational, enriching and effective learning structure. In this approach, students are well educated and nurtured with the intellectual acumen to think and write independently and critically. Students are also enriched with the right skills to answer the essays and comprehension questions well. Lastly, our students are assured to score grade A as our gp tuition are structured with useful materials and extensive online and class practices to prepare students for the GCE a level examination

How the main areas of GP Tuition are taught

Our gp tuition lessons are conducted via zoom and extensive material are distributed to students via whatsapp or email and students will organize them into their google drive for their studies. We will also help students to create a set of quick notes for the end of year exam preparation. Just like a regular classroom, students are engaged in discussion by providing their opinions and answers to short questions being asked during our teaching. Short answers will be listed by students and reviewed and marked by the tutor and stored as part of their learning in google doc or whatsapp messages

There will be online tests where students are timed and their answers will be reviewed personally on an individual basis after the class. Students can also list their questions on the whatsapp messages or book an online consultation to further clear their doubts. Anyway, the tutor will conduct personal online review to check on the student’s progress to ensure that they improve

GP Learning Materials

There will be extensive but concise learning materials to make it easy for students to learn in an easy, effective and quick approach. GP materials on content knowledge (GP issues and Flipside discussion) are introduced to develop student’s intellectual minds while GP Essay Writing Skills and Comprehension Answering Techniques are used to nurture students’ capabilities to answer the questions in their examination. Answers for all homeworks done for essay writing and comprehension are distributed to help check the accuracy of their answers and for the GCE A level questions too.

Extensive videos on respective GP learning content are made and given out as teaching guides to help students comprehend better the lessons and assist them to do their homework. Review notes for the class or done individually are also created to help students understand their errors and know how they can correct their errors and improve their proficiency

Please read through the following attachments for a better understanding of our GP Teaching Materials:

Building Knowledge Acumen

Knowledge acumen is an imperative aspect of study for General Paper where students have to acquire the crucial knowledge to help them to generate ideas, make elaboration, apply examples and conduct analysis and evaluation. Students are taught through discussion on diverse GP issues where the tutor shares techniques and applies them in discussion. During the discussion, students are prompted on how to make the logic argument and explanation. Students will be taught how to see the ideas in the argument and understand how it is stringed together and develop the necessary skills to analyze the evaluation and analysis to rebut and counter argue and apply them in their essay and answering for comprehension.

GP Video on Content Teaching (Flipside)

GP Tuition

GP Essays Writing Skills

Students are taught on how to structure for different types of essays and the diverse ways on how they can elaborate the ideas in their types of paragraph development in our GP Essay Writing SKills Workshop. These essential skills also involve the generation of ideas and how to set elaboration with examples and write with sensible and logical manner with sophisticated words. Students will be reviewed consistently and personally to develop these writing skills as acquired skills to write in a spontaneous and expressive manner. Eventually, students must be trained to be a proficient and prolific writer to achieve academic excellence.

GP Essay Outlines

These essay outlines presented in google doc or inhouse videos are distributed to help students broaden their exposure to a greater variety of essays to raise their capacity to prepare for examination. These essay outlines will show students how to answer the question as they learn how ideas are generated in the topic sentence and how they can start and end their introduction and conclusion in a persuasive and analytical manner. These GP essay outlines are extremely effective to make GP study easier, more organized and structured to learn and prepare for the examination.

GP Video on Essay Outline - Essay on Modern society

GP Tuition

Comprehension answering Skills

For this part of the examination, students will be first taught on the skills to answer comprehension questions in our Comprehension Answering Techniques lessons . There will be taught on how to see the requirements of the question, the steps involved in the derivation of the answers and how to avoid the mistakes that students commonly make during the comprehension practice. Students will be given extensive online and timed practices to orient them to the conditions of examination and the tutor will review these errors after marking with the students.

SAQs (based on 8881 syllabus)

GP answering skills based on the new syllabus with questions on factual, process explanation and language application questions are taught whereby students will know the requirements of these types of questions and the steps to derive the answers. A wide range of topics will be covered to give students the advantages to comprehend the ideas of the passage more effectively, making it easy for students to answer the question confidently.

GP Tuition

Syllabus 8881

GP Application Question Teaching

This special area of testing is the most significant aspect of the comprehension paper where certain aspects of writing must be satisfied. Students will be taught on how to understand the requirements of the question, extract the ideas from the passage, link to the context of discussion and apply arguments with examples from the context of discussion (usually based on your society or the real world) to create the persuasive argument. Students must also elaborate the answers in a logical and structured manner that proves the accuracy of the application of the point stated. Students will also be taught on how they can derive the appropriate example to support the argument as the basic requirement of the AQ question.

Personal Review and Consultation

The personal review is of great importance as it ensures that students know their errors and understand their strengths and understand how they can make continuous progress of their skills and knowledge to score well for the examination. These lessons are done personally and assessed for the details of the work done. The tutor also encourages students to list their doubts during school lectures and tutorials and seek consultation with the tutors for them to clarify their doubts.

New syllabus 8881 examination

The GP tuition offers both the private candidate syllabus (8807) and the new school syllabus (8881). We have made our skills development classes and content of teaching to cover the requirements of both syllabi to ensure that students are well prepared for the examination. The changes are made based on the types of questions and topics covered for both the comprehension and essay writing paper. Please review the syllabus 8881 with the review of the tutor and explanation of the focus of the examination.