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Economics Tuition Online is conceived as a powerful learning tool to help JC students to further their learning potential and advance their revision productivity. Serving as an all-encompassing online platform, students are able to bring their learning wherever they go and access a full range of content in the GCE A Levels Syllabus. Students can expect to have the latest Economics News fed to their smartphones while looking through model Economics Essays as they seek to maximise their writing proficiency. Additionally, students also have opportunities to practice both Economics Essays and CSQs with a mere touch of our app as well as formalising personalised notes with advanced text editing functions.


Our Economics Tuition Online programmes are instrumental in bringing you closer to the attainment of grade A for the GCE A Level Economics examinations. We provide a structured study plan to streamline your learning process that can be utilised in a digital format, so that you can learn and gain knowledge anytime and anywhere.

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Shortcut to quick learning

Founded on the feedback of our students, Economics Tuition Online allows you to study at your desired pace and comfort so as to maximise your education productivity. Watch, Read and Learn through our Learning Videos, Notes and Skills as you attempt to consolidate your knowledge in critical topics such as Market Failure, Inflation and Globalisation.

Understanding the time constraints faced by many students, our Economics Tuition Online is created to bridge students’ path to learning objectives in a quick yet productive manner. This is achieved with our assortment of learning resources that caters to the full needs to students for their exam preparation.

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A comprehensive alternative to Tuition

With our new approach of teaching, you can embrace the same learning objectives as tuition, in the palm of your hands. This is made possible with our collaboration with qualified educators to capture the attention of students and impart classroom-style learning through smartphones, hence creating a healthy ecosystem for students and teachers!

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Study conveniently

Often, students struggle to find time to study as they are occupied with CCAs and other personal commitments. Fret no more as we have made learning more accessible and convenient. Our online learning features empower you to recap, practise and review anytime and anywhere.