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Our GP Tuition

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At generalpaper.com.sg, we have worked towards helping JC students for the past twenty years to achieve academic excellence for the study of General Paper. Our JC General Paper Tuition classes are conducted online or at actual classrooms to ensure that learning never stops even during this challenging time. Browse our learning tools like GP Learning Corner and live streaming class to gain knowledge on thematic issues and improve your thinking and writing skills to get Grade A. Our GP tuition also provides free practice sessions on a fortnightly basis to ensure that you learnt and organise your learning with a media library to make you prepare for your final examination.

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Free Trial Class Online or @ Bishan

JC Students can attend our trial class to find out how to study the subject productively and how we can help you attain your desired grade A. During this lesson, students are taught some basic comprehension or essay writing skills and engage in a class practice where the gp tutor marks and reviews to depict the strengths and weaknesses of the student. The aim of the lesson is to provide students an understanding on how they can get grade A for their GCE A level examination.

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GP Learning Schedule

All students follow this GP learning content schedule for the various context topics which sets out the general overview of activities for every lesson. This ensures that students get a summary of the topic’s learning requirements and a concise understanding of how the respective lessons will be carried out. Doing so ensures that students are prepared and confident to participate in class discussions and practices, maximising their learning experience.

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Types of GP Tuition Programmes

GP Classroom Tuition @ Bishan

GP Classroom Tuition @ Bishan engages the student at our centre with close guidance and teaching. The tutor is able to have roundtable discussions with students and have timed classroom practices to ensure that students are able to apply the knowledge and skills learnt during class.

$220 for J1
$280 for J2
GP Online Tuition

GP Online Tuition is conducted online via a live streaming feature. Through the live stream, the tutor will engage in meaningful discussions with students, provide effective revision notes and use specially designed digital learning tools.

$200 for J1
$280 for J2
The GP Study Plan

The GP Study Plan is suitable for students who prefer studying independently in a guided manner with extensive materials and online practices. We mark and review your work on a thematic basis . We have three types of study plans - JC Achiever’s Study Plan, Supported Study and Coached Study

$150 per theme
$360 for 3 themes

JC Achievers’ Club

JC Achievers Club aims to help students gain a conducive and effective studying approach for GCE A Level. JC Achievers Club guides students to understand the scope of their study, the type of content that needs to be sourced and the type of practices that needs to be attempted to ensure that what students learn are applicable during the examination. With JC Achievers Club, we provide the most effective, productive and easy methodology to excel for GCE A Level examination.

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GP Study Plan

JC Achievers Club features GP Study Plan - a comprehensive study programme that prepares students for the GCE A Level General Paper examination. In a progressive learning curriculum, students improve their reading, thinking and writing skills.

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GP Learning Corner - How do we educate you?

Browse this learning Corner and understand how the learning resources in our GP Tuition and Jc Achievers' GP Study plan would help you to get grade A.

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Learning Content

From the learning content, you can have a good understanding of the content of learning and class activities for a particular theme. You are provided a list of resourceful materials that helps them engage in class discussion and attend practices which we have planned in online and classroom GP tuition.


For the blogs, you will be provided with informative perspectives on current and debatable issues which would deepen your understanding of diverse GP themes. This would better prepare you for discussions and essay writing during online and classroom GP tuition.


For the vlogs, you are provided with a list of interactive videos on various current and debatable themes. This would strengthen your perspective outlook and argumentative voice on issues which would aid your writing process during online and classroom GP tuition.

Online Practice

For online practices, students are provided with various materials(SAQ, MCQ, Online Essay Practice) under our media library that are carefully curated and arranged. This help you to cover the scope of the discussion and better prepare you for the rigour of the A levels.

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Areas of Learning

GP Tuition’s General Paper Teaching Methodology focuses on three main aspects. The first is knowledge enrichment and application where students gain an in-depth understanding of thematic issues. The second is skills application where GP Tuition nurtures students in their essay writing skills and comprehension answering techniques. The third is having regular and effective practice and discussion. This helps to stimulate the students’ thinking and ensure that they are able to apply what they have learnt effectively during the exam. Thus, GP Tuition’s Teaching Methodology is a comprehensive three-pronged approach that helps students achieve their aim of achieving academic excellence.

GP Tuition provides different types of General Paper programmes to cater to students with different learning needs. We have three types of programmes. Firstly, we have GP Classroom Tuition for students who prefer learning in a physical classroom environment. Secondly, we have GP Online Tuition for students who prefer learning using online tools. Lastly, we have the GP Study Plan for students who prefer to study GP in a guided manner independently. Thus, with three programmes available, students can decide on the most suitable approach that can enhance their learning.

Learn the way you want to - We guide you all the way

At generalpaper.com.sg, our GP tuition provides different types of learning programmes to cater to students with different learning needs, allowing them to find an approach to learn well at your own approach, anytime and anywhere.

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