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We know your learning problems and have developed an effective GP tuition programme that focuses on the enrichment and application of your knowledge, nurturing the essay writing skills and comprehension answering skills and reflective thinking skills to shape you to become a prolific and creative writer in the future.

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JC1 & JC2 GP Tuition

Join our General Paper Tuition programme available for both JC1 and JC2 students to explore this A Level subject effectively. We provide concise thematic notes, online learning activities and essay outlines.

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J1 Economics Tuition

Join our JC1 Economics Tuition to prepare for the GCE A Level Economics Examination. Students will receive essay questions and case study questions to be familiar with a wide range of industry-related issues.

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J2 Economics Tuition

Join our JC2 Economics Tuition to prepare for the GCE A Level Economics Examination. Students will receive essay questions and case study questions to be ready for the demands of this subject.

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GP Tuition Singapore

Write effectively with our GP Tuition

Learn how to study JC General Paper with our Trial Class

In this Trial Class, you get to know how JC General Paper lessons are structured and written and how we teach our students with our Enrichment Notes, Essay Writing Skills and Comprehension Answering Techniques. Just pay $75 for this lesson and we will issue a free GP Study Magazine worth $120 @ PLAYstore and APPstore which highlights many learning areas in the studying of General Paper.. Browse our page for trial class and GP Study Magazine to find out more.

GP Study Magazine App

Learn on the go

Looking for relevant information to enrich your knowledge for GP study? Download our GP Study Magazine app to get started right away. In this app, you can browse a wide range of thematic content on chapters like social media era, gender equality, future of education and eight main areas. You will also browse videos, infographic, facts and figures and areas of works that makes studying GP easy and enjoyable.


Learn how our gp tuition online will aid in your study of General Paper, making learning easy, convenient and at anytime comfortable to you. Given free to all our students who signed up for our gp regular classes, students will be able access to more learning materials through our learning studio, online practices and discussion. Our gp tuition online is also made available to students who want to learn at home.


Find out why there are many students who have scored grade A in our GP Tuition. Learn how our unique teaching methodology has made learning easy, effective and enjoyable as we share with you the knowledge on content enrichment, essay writing skills, comprehension answering techniques and intellectual development.

Study General Paper effectively.

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What’s new for GP Tuition: Environment

GP Tuition Notes on Environment

Explore the GP issues covered at our GP Tuition programme to develop a firm understanding of different impacts on societies at the individual, organisational and national levels. More importantly, the examination of each GP issue will be used in answering of comprehension and essay questions, thus enabling you to attain your desired goals at the tests.

Why should countries be concerned with the environment? For this thematic issue, we will be discussing the topic of ‘environment’ by examining the individual, social, economic and political impacts. By adopting a multi-perspective learning approach, you will develop a comprehensive and well-analysed assessment of this topic to form persuasive and logical answers for GP comprehension and essay questions.

Individual: How does environment affect us?

Find out how the environment can shape the way we live our lives. By knowing the potential consequences of environmental pollution, individuals will be more careful with their resource management, thus engaging in green activities, like recycling.

Social: How does environment affect culture?

Understand the social implications of environmental conservation. Read our online materials to find out how environmental sustainability influences our cultures, such as the reduction in burning of pollutant substances and materials during festivals.

Economic: How does environment affect business?

Analyse the economic concerns surrounding environmental pollution and conservation efforts. In recent times, businesses have began to support ‘green’ advocates, as demonstrated by the celebration of the annual ‘Earth Day’.

Political: How does environment affect politics?

Explore the political consequences of environment by paying attention to the key concerns addressed by the governments in tackling the adverse impacts of pollution. For example, many countries sign the Paris Climate Agreement in April 2016.

GP Tuition on Culture

Culture is viewed as a social behavior and norms found inside a society. It is often used to explain or justify beliefs, habits and decisions and impose them to others. Yet, as our nation and world becomes ever more cosmopolitan and our population becomes exposed to influences from all over the world, few can agree on what our national culture is, whether it exists at all, and whether any particular cultural affiliation or affinity can be imposed or expected of anyone.

GP Tuition on Science and Technology

Examine the features of Science and Technology to find out how Science And Technology has affected our lives. While Science and Technology is no doubt brought about widespread benefits that improved the well-being of individuals in modern societies, we are also victims of the unintended adverse effects that can be observed in the psychological, personal, social and economic aspects.

GP Tuition on Education

Explore the role of Education and how it can impact the lives of individuals. In this featured issue, you can read more to find out what are the distinctive features of education and how it plays a part in broadening knowledge and cultivating essential skills. These impacts are assessed from various perspectives, such as individual, social, politics and economic.

Testimonials of students from the mid-year GP Skills Development Workshop

Hear from our past students as they unravel their experiences at the GP Skills Development Workshop. Find out what they have learnt and how YOU can also gain from this insightful workshop as we set forth on this learning journey to set the groundwork for your language & linguistics and fine-tune your current writing techniques.

Joining this revision programme was certainly the right decision for me as it allowed me to reflect on my analysis of questions and my style of writing. With Simon’s constant guidance during the workshop, I have managed to refine my essay writing skills which I had troubles with before. Moreover, I feel more confident about my writing now as the workshop has helped open up more avenues in terms of writing style. Thank you Simon for your profound insights on various issues and your engaging teaching that bought everyone’s full attention at the workshop!

Maxcy KohSerangoon Junior College

Prior to this workshop, I had a hard time understanding comprehension passages because the ideas discussed are so foreign to me. As a result, my comprehension and AQ answers are often missing out on key analysis or discussions. When I attended this workshop, Mr Ng was quick to understand my skill deficiencies and took the time to nurture my understanding of passages. I have since learnt to tackle Comprehension in a more efficient manner which helped me to be exam-smart. I would like to thank Mr Ng for his patience and his inspiring devotion in me, over the span of this workshop, as I have built solid fundamentals for my Comprehension techniques.

Felicia TanRaffles Institution
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