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We know your learning problems and have developed an effective GP tuition programme that focuses on the enrichment and application of your knowledge, nurturing the essay writing skills and comprehension answering skills and reflective thinking skills to shape you to become a prolific and creative writer in the future.

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JC1 & JC2 GP Tuition

Join our General Paper Tuition programme available for both JC1 and JC2 students to explore this A Level subject effectively. We provide concise thematic notes, online learning activities and essay outlines.

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J1 Economics Tuition

Join our JC1 Economics Tuition to prepare for the GCE A Level Economics Examination. Students will receive essay questions and case study questions to be familiar with a wide range of industry-related issues.

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J2 Economics Tuition

Join our JC2 Economics Tuition to prepare for the GCE A Level Economics Examination. Students will receive essay questions and case study questions to be ready for the demands of this subject.

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GP Tuition Singapore

Write effectively with our GP Tuition

What’s new for GP Tuition: Environment

GP Tuition Notes on Environment

Explore the GP issues covered at our GP Tuition programme to develop a firm understanding of different impacts on societies at the individual, organisational and national levels. More importantly, the examination of each GP issue will be used in answering of comprehension and essay questions, thus enabling you to attain your desired goals at the tests.

Why should countries be concerned with the environment? For this thematic issue, we will be discussing the topic of ‘environment’ by examining the individual, social, economic and political impacts. By adopting a multi-perspective learning approach, you will develop a comprehensive and well-analysed assessment of this topic to form persuasive and logical answers for GP comprehension and essay questions.

Individual: How does environment affect us?

Find out how the environment can shape the way we live our lives. By knowing the potential consequences of environmental pollution, individuals will be more careful with their resource management, thus engaging in green activities, like recycling.

Social: How does environment affect culture?

Understand the social implications of environmental conservation. Read our online materials to find out how environmental sustainability influences our cultures, such as the reduction in burning of pollutant substances and materials during festivals.

Economic: How does environment affect business?

Analyse the economic concerns surrounding environmental pollution and conservation efforts. In recent times, businesses have began to support ‘green’ advocates, as demonstrated by the celebration of the annual ‘Earth Day’.

Political: How does environment affect politics?

Explore the political consequences of environment by paying attention to the key concerns addressed by the governments in tackling the adverse impacts of pollution. For example, many countries sign the Paris Climate Agreement in April 2016.

GP Tuition on Culture

Culture is viewed as a social behavior and norms found inside a society. It is often used to explain or justify beliefs, habits and decisions and impose them to others. Yet, as our nation and world becomes ever more cosmopolitan and our population becomes exposed to influences from all over the world, few can agree on what our national culture is, whether it exists at all, and whether any particular cultural affiliation or affinity can be imposed or expected of anyone.

GP Tuition on Science and Technology

Examine the features of Science and Technology to find out how Science And Technology has affected our lives. While Science and Technology is no doubt brought about widespread benefits that improved the well-being of individuals in modern societies, we are also victims of the unintended adverse effects that can be observed in the psychological, personal, social and economic aspects.

GP Tuition on Education

Explore the role of Education and how it can impact the lives of individuals. In this featured issue, you can read more to find out what are the distinctive features of education and how it plays a part in broadening knowledge and cultivating essential skills. These impacts are assessed from various perspectives, such as individual, social, politics and economic.

Make every revision count.

Join our GP Tuition Revision to get a headstart in your exam preparation.

10 reasons why you should join this GP Tuition?

1. Study with Simon Programme (Free Question Practice Sessions)

Simon’s study programme focuses on the practice of essay and comprehension questions where our students will be guided at their own pace of learning. Our students will be given essay outlines to practice on, with consultation on the essay writing and comprehension questions being provided. From our experiences during these lessons, we better understand our students’ errors and help them to correct and improve their refinement and accuracy in answering questions. These lessons are done on a weekly basis and frequency of sessions may increase when examination is near.

2. JC GP Notes and Essays

In our gp tuition, our in-house designed JC GP notes and JC GP model essays will prepare our students to be more exam-oriented and enriched in content application to make their learning easy and productive. These materials are developed with aims to correct the common errors made by our students and improve their answering competency in essay writing and the variants of comprehension questions.

3. Essay Writing Skills Development

Our GP Tuition programme nurtures you to become sharp thinkers and prolific writers. A strong foundation is built upon the continual emphasis on question analysis, issue-based discussion, content organisation and writing development. You will learn to develop sound and persuasive arguments via the use of a systematic thinking process. These skills are highly applicable and effective for your A Level General Paper examination.

4. Comprehension Answering Techniques

In view of the examination trend for GP, it is clear that A Level subjects are shifting towards the assessment of thinking abilities. Our GP Tuition will take into consideration of these developments by training students to think critically. The lessons will cover the study of thinking-based and open-ended questions through content comprehension, information extraction, answer structures and adaptation to question variation.

5. Personal and round-the-clock guidance

Given the time constraints of GP tuition classes, we offer personal guidance and consultation sessions beyond lesson time. You can clarify your doubts on GP matters via social media and instant messaging tools, like WhatsApp, for effective communication. Our educators hold the common belief that learning should be made easy, productive and accessible to all students.

6. 100% answer all your questions
In this GP tuition programme, you can rely on GP Tutor Simon Ng to clear your queries, doubts, misconceptualization, inadequacies and frictions about essay writing and comprehension answering techniques. We are well-prepared, experienced and ready to be the dictionary for your reference. We will also guide you and improve your capacity to eradicate challenges in learning, thus raising your competency to be well prepared for your examination.

7. E-learning and App-Based Learning

Technological support in the form of e-learning system and Apps are part of our programmes to make learning anytime, anywhere. You can browse our other GP learning sites like GP Tuition Singapore, GP Tuition Bishan, GP Tuition Bukit Timah, which SGEducators will give our students access to more materials to enhance our Flipped Education, nurturing our students to be independent learners of the future.

8. Motivational and inspirational process of learning

Our GP tuition programme is beyond just preparing for examination. It is an inspirational and educational learning experience for pursuit of excellence as passion and virtues that will be part of your life. This learning experience with us is a motivational and inspirational cultural interaction that will aspire our students for greatness in their academic and career in the future. We believe in cultivating in you the positive values and behaviours in your future educational endeavours.

9. An internship network to enrich your life and career

Your educational journey with us does not stop after the A Level examination. Instead, it signals the start of a new phase in your academic and career development. Apart from the GP Tuition, our Internship programmes will equip you with the skills and knowledge from various aspects through our programmes like Educator Development, Social Media Marketing, IT System Development, Graphics Designing and Entrepreneurship Development. You will be nurtured to be the productive, adaptive and skillful workers of the future, grasping the opportunities offered by the globalized world.

10. Most of all, our lessons are enriching and educational

Our GP Tuition classes are interactive and engaging. Be immersed in a conducive learning environment that encourages intellectually stimulating discourse that facilitates the cultivation of Sensible Minds. Ultimately, our mission is to raise awareness towards real world issues, both past and present, and impart critical problem-solving skills and reflective thinking to you.

What we teach in our GP tuition

Our GP Tuition will focus on nurturing you to develop a set of thinking and essay writing skills that will raise your competency to think and write effectively and profusely under examination condition. We develop your intellectual acumen to apply your knowledge in conceptualized terms to create sensible and logical causation that will make your essay interesting and expressive to the marker or reader. You will realize the significance of this thinking and writing methodology which is vital for you to get grade A for GCE A level examination for General Paper when you attend this programme.

As for the comprehension paper, our GP tuition will focus on nurturing your comprehension answering techniques to improve your capacity of thinking and intellectual acumen to score in the comprehension paper. To attain this level of skills, we place emphasis on improving students’ capacity to read and comprehend effectively with an unique and productive reading procedure. From this reading procedure, students will be trained to derive the information from the passage and use the necessary answering structure to answer the requirements of the diverse types of questions seen in the comprehension paper. You will also be taught on how to handle the complexity of the diverse and unique types of questions that will be tested for this paper and the proper and answering techniques for Application and Summary Questions.

As for content enrichment, the development of the acumen takes time and will be taught only through our regular tuition. However, we will be focusing on how you can learn to enrich your knowledge to make you reflect, write and answer better. We will engage you in discussion on how to widen your perspective of knowledge and enhance your answering skills.

Finally, it will be heartily and pleasing to see you at our GP Tuition classes as we will raise your competency of learning when you join this programme and make this very meaningful and productive experience to prepare you for the GCE A level examination in 2019.

How our GP tuition will prepare you for A

The teaching activities and materials will give our students a development programme that raises their readiness and proficiency in their preparation for GCE A Level examination. Our GP tuition programme focuses on nurturing the skills of our students, enrichment of their knowledge, improve their application and adaption during the examination.

Free Essay Writing & Consultation

We understand the importance of writing and discovery of your errors in your learning process and this is why we have set up a Free writing session at our centre on every Sunday evening from 7:30pm to 10pm to help you create the writing flair to better prepare for examination. You can put in practice of creation of essay outline and consult with our GP tutors in this class practice. Learn how to write well, build your resilience to time constraints in examination and poise for grade A in examination.

Content Enrichment

You will be taught on how to effectively apply a broad knowledge of updated information and salient issues related to key topic areas like Education, Social Media and Science and Technology to the context of your essay writing questions. You will be exposed a list of key terms and information about these topic areas and use them as exemplary to substantiate your arguments in essay writing and application questions. With this understanding, you will better understand the context of comprehension passage and apply to the context of the requirements of the question.

Essay Writing Skills

Essay writing techniques are essential for those aiming to attain an A in A Level General Paper. Our revision programme will help students grasp such techniques as question analysis, outline setting, paragraph development and point elaboration. Students will also be familiarised with different question types, such as the “Do you agree (DYA)” and “To what extent” types. Consequently, students will develop the skill, versatility and confidence to excel in the examinations.

Comprehension Answering Techniques

The GP tuition revision programme will develop comprehension answering skills with the aid of practice questions. Students will be trained to annotate important components of the text. Under the guidance of JC GP tutor Simon Ng, students will also discuss the points advanced by the writers, as well as their intentions as evinced by phraseology, italics and so on. Ultimately, students will be proficient and flexible in tackling different types of short-answer comprehension questions.

GP Essays

This section contains a number of high-yielding GP essays written by our GP tutors, who have many years’ combined experience. Developed with the unique and unforgiving requirements of the A Level GP Examination Essay Paper in mind, these essays respond incisively and systematically to the questions, which represent the breadth of topics previously tested. Just as importantly, they conform to the time and practical constraints necessitated by the examination format.

We believe that students will find these essays useful as a guide for organising the content and improving the expressive power of their own essays. A student who consistently sets concise outlines and writes full timed essays during the revision phase will profit greatly from the consequent improvement in his essay writing.

What we nurture in our students

“The unexamined life is not worth living.”–Socrates

In our diverse and fast-changing world, it is important for students to be able to seek and synthesise varied information, and form and defend opinions. Designed to build independent and informed thinkers, our GP tuition programme will equip students for the world ahead through our unique pedagogy and specially designed class activities, while also ensuring that they are well-prepared to face the A Level GP Examinations.

Develop a keen learning attitude

Our programme seeks to cultivate in students an intellectual interest in the world around them, as well as a general desire for knowledge. To this end, students are exposed to issues in a lively and relevant manner, with interest aroused by stimulating discussion and reminders of how the knowledge closely affects their lives. With interest and relevance driving an intrinsic motivation to learn more, students will be more determined and enthusiastic in preparing for the GP Examinations, imbuing their comprehension and essay answers with added depth and richness. Their curiosity will also serve them well in the ever-changing future.

Build intellectual acumen

“Opinions are like noses; everybody has one.”

More than just a desire for knowledge, students must also build strong intellectual habits and keen judgment to navigate the complex landscape of today’s world. Where information of varying accuracy abounds, and opinions are too often judged by their catchiness rather than their strength, students must be able to determine to their own satisfaction what they deem accurate and compelling, to form their own reasoned opinions and to defend them effectively while being able to accept new and contrasting viewpoints.

Cultivate a Sensible Mind

Our GP tuition programme will facilitate the cultivation of sensible minds, whereby students learn reflectively, write critically, and review carefully. As part of our teaching methodology, developed by principal GP tutor Simon Ng, we encourage students to ask questions and pose arguments with respect to the given GP topics. Students will learn to express their ideas in organized and logical ways while addressing specific GP issues, like environmental sustainability and the ethical concerns of scientific advancement. Through class practices and regular discussion, students become fast thinkers and prolific writers.

Be prepared for the Promo and GCE A Level GP Exam

By enrolling in our GP tuition programme, you will be introduced to many essential aspects of the study, such as content enrichment and review of answering methods. The intensive revision classes will prepare you for the uncertainties and challenges of your GP tests and examinations.

Consolidation of your knowledge

One useful way to assess your level of exam-readiness is to reflect on what you know about the key issues relating to every GP topic, like Science and Technology, Education, and Culture. Our GP tuition offers a comprehensive coverage of GP issues. During the lessons, you will engage in active and meaningful discussions with the GP tutor, while exploring the myriad facets of GP topics together.

Nurture your reading and writing skills for GP

The mastery of A Level General Paper is achievable if you are persistent in your efforts to read and write consistently. The progress of developing GP skills is dependent on the frequency of practice and reflection. As such, our GP tuition programme will influence you to develop the positive habit of thinking reflectively and writing proficiently. Along the way, there are opportunities for you to refine these skills at practice sessions.

Practices make perfect

The focal point of this intensive revision is the class practices, which are exam-oriented. This implies that you will apply your knowledge to exam-based GP essays and comprehension question. In addition, GP tutor Simon Ng will review your answers and provide feedback on ways to refine your answering methods. Class practices serve as timely reminders to assess your writing capabilities.

How do we prepare you for your GP exam?

As one of the core subjects that most JC students are required to study for, the attainment of academic success for GCE A Level General Paper is of paramount importance. Therefore, has introduced diverse means and learning features to guide students through the arduous, yet purposeful journey.

GP content enrichment

Enhance your understanding of GP topics at our GP tuition classes. The lessons will feature the discussion of important issues, like the controversies surrounding cloning and eugenics, and the consequences of pollution.

GP essay writing skills

Refine your essay writing skills with our GP tuition programme. You will be equipped with the essentials of writing, like introduction setting, paragraph development, causation, and use of rebuttal.

GP comprehension answering techniques

Develop your writing acumen to ace the GP comprehension component. You will learn how to read, annotate, and extract key information from the passage and answer different question types, like inference and tone of writer.

Exam-oriented preparation for General Paper

Conquer your fears towards GCE A Level General Paper with our exam-driven GP tuition programme. The lessons will cover the discussion of GP issues, development of answering methods and class practices.

Join a comprehensive and structural GP Preparation Tuition Programme

Sign up now and uncover the effective ways to prepare for GCE A Level General Paper.

Cultivating the Sensible Mind through our GP tuition

The fear of General Paper has discouraged some students who have the potentials to make it in university to choose the ‘poly path’ instead of the JC route. In doing so, these students have missed out on an opportunity of education which will enrich their minds, articulate their expressions, develop their sensibility and nurture their critical mind, in short – the cultivation of the Sensible Mind – which will prepare our youths for the future as knowledge makes our youths to be good decision-makers.

Get started and be prepared for GCE A Level GP Examination with our GP Tuition

At our GP tuition, you will explore the broad sphere of issues that is covered in the GCE A Level GP syllabus as you start building on your content knowledge, an essential aspect for any GP paper. For the upcoming examination, we will ensure that you understand what GP entails with its Comprehension and AQ. We will also be guiding you in various writing skills and teaching you the multitude of ways to tackle essay questions. So what are you waiting for? Join us now and let us attain examination critical skills together.

What we will cover in the A Level GP Exam Preparation:

We will preparing our students for the final GCE A Level GP Examination, with the crucial areas of teaching as follows:

1) Topical and Content Enrichment
2) Essay Writing Skills
3) Comprehension Answering Techniques
4) Summary Writing and Application Questions (AQ) Practices
5) Class Practices and Question Discussion

Master the Art of GP Essay Writing with our GP Tuition

The study of A Level General Paper involves the development of reading and writing abilities of JC students. Given the understanding that students are assessed in the GP essays and comprehension questions, it is imperative that students acquire proficient writing skills. Therefore, you can enrol in the GP tuition classes that are skills-oriented.

During the GP tuition lessons, you will learn how to think reflectively and writing effectively. In the context of GP issues, like environmentalism and technological disruptions, you will be trained to approach the topics from multiple perspectives and form logical arguments to be persuasive in your answers.

The mastery of GP essay writing skills is essential not only at the examinations, but also for your personal development. According to GP Tutor Simon Ng, students are strongly advised to train their reading and writing skills, as the knowledge gained in the process will be beneficial in their future career prospects.

The GP tuition programmes are also exam-driven as you will undergo extensive and regular class practices to hone your writing skills. Under the guidance of the GP tutor, you will become more cognizant of your errors and adopt easy-to-follow answering methods to improve the quality of GP essays. Hence, you can ace the A Level General Paper subject with our GP tuition.

If you wish to learn more about the Art of Essay Writing, you may want to read the articles written by GP Tutor Simon Ng in publications, like the Popular Education Guide.

Testimonials of students from the mid-year GP Skills Development Workshop

Hear from our past students as they unravel their experiences at the GP Skills Development Workshop. Find out what they have learnt and how YOU can also gain from this insightful workshop as we set forth on this learning journey to set the groundwork for your language & linguistics and fine-tune your current writing techniques.

Joining this revision programme was certainly the right decision for me as it allowed me to reflect on my analysis of questions and my style of writing. With Simon’s constant guidance during the workshop, I have managed to refine my essay writing skills which I had troubles with before. Moreover, I feel more confident about my writing now as the workshop has helped open up more avenues in terms of writing style. Thank you Simon for your profound insights on various issues and your engaging teaching that bought everyone’s full attention at the workshop!

Maxcy KohSerangoon Junior College

Prior to this workshop, I had a hard time understanding comprehension passages because the ideas discussed are so foreign to me. As a result, my comprehension and AQ answers are often missing out on key analysis or discussions. When I attended this workshop, Mr Ng was quick to understand my skill deficiencies and took the time to nurture my understanding of passages. I have since learnt to tackle Comprehension in a more efficient manner which helped me to be exam-smart. I would like to thank Mr Ng for his patience and his inspiring devotion in me, over the span of this workshop, as I have built solid fundamentals for my Comprehension techniques.

Felicia TanRaffles Institution
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What JC students must know to achieve grade A for A Level General Paper

Through the years, the GCE A Level General Paper has always been that one subject feared by many students due to its challenging concepts and highly critical thinking that it entails. Every year, the topics covered under the syllabus serves to broaden in terms of complexity and depth. Both comprehension and essay questions are especially phrased in a way to push students’ thinking to their limits and push boundaries of the mind. More recently, there has been an emphasis on the integration of themes and topics so that students realise how interconnected both world and local issues are. Hence, there is a need for students to blend the knowledge (Social issues, Science & Technology etc.) they learnt and tackle the requirements of the examinations more comprehensively. As General Paper is a relatively new subject to most JC students, it will be beneficial for them to first understand what the syllabus requires of them as well as the examination format.

The Benefits of General Paper Education

What can the youth learn from GP education? Well, for a start, you will know more stuff and this will make your life more interesting as you are aspired to do more things. You can understand life in a better and different way as your horizon is widened and expanded to inspire to achieve more in life. Your capacity to think, acumen to accumulate more knowledge and you abilities to express in writing and conversation improves. By virtue of this development in our youths, they are now more prepared for the globalized, technologically influenced and and knowledge-based economy. In short, our youths will become the reflective thinker with the Sensible Mind.

Why fear General Paper? We can allay your fear towards GP.

I understand why some students fear this subject as I did feel this way when I was pondering to enrol for JC. Language deficiency, inadequate knowledge, poor logic and thinking skills, these are the weaknesses I had. As many weaknesses as you can name them, I see these faults in me too, back then. Many students fail to see that the weaknesses we have at this age is natural and that is the reason why we need to take enrol in a subject like General Paper to help us be a better thinker, a knowledgeable individual and a prolific writer. The right subject for me to improve myself just like it will be the same for you.

As you read more, your vocabulary power will be raised. When you think more, you become critical and analytical. When you write and answer more questions, you can articulate better and more sensibly and expressively. Nobody can improve unless he works for it and this is the same for the study of this subject. Facing the weaknesses and learning to overcome it is the natural and only way for a person to improve.

So, How should student prepare for this subject JC General Paper?

Students must be mentally prepared for this daunting task as it is quite laborious and tormenting as they will spend many hours, days, weeks and months before they can observe their improvement. Students must be brave to make errors and prepare for criticism, although it may be embarrassing at times as their weaknesses and ignorance may be laughed at. Be keen and passionate as you make discussion. Be creative and logical in your writing and thinking. Place quality as your essence in your learning as there is no best way in one‘s writing but always a better way.

Be Productive

Having a productive and effective way of learning for General Paper is definitely an encouraging and systematic way of learning. Students must have a good set of materials for them to read as this can be easy and can be done by referring to site, like GP Tuition Singapore, where you can have a collection of materials which are useful or alternatively, you make your notes and materials with the help of your teacher or from your GP tuition.

Be persistent and consistent

You can only improve if your think and write more. Students must be prepared to do more exercises like essay writing and comprehension practices to strive for improvements. Unlike other subjects like JC Mathematics, the focus of the practice is not the number of questions that you will practice or the right answers that you can derive but the focus on the quality of writing – a better sentence, paragraph or introduction and a more analytical paragraph of writing. It is only through more practices that students can nurture thinking and writing skills that poise them for grade A for GCE A level examination.

Be inquisitive and keen

The accumulation of knowledge is an ongoing and perpetual process where your are constantly on-the-go for more information, nurturing your capacity for reflection and articulation. One must be ready to be the keen and inquisitive learners of the future – the acumen to handle challenges in a more globalized, educated and technologically determined world. Students must have the passion for knowledge, not just for the sake of examination but for the sake of learning.

Our teaching focus

Our JC GP tuition focuses on the aims of knowledge enrichment, intellectual thinking, essay writing skills and comprehension answering techniques. To achieve this, our lessons are exam-oriented with extensive emphasis to nurture the skills and imbue in students the necessary knowledge to prepare for examination. Imperatively, we also emphasize on the cultivation of the intellectual acumen of JC students to shape them to be better thinker, writer and intellectual of the future.

Be knowledgeable

It is not easy to study for a subject with no fixed area of content and depth of learning, given the fact that the general knowledge for JC students to master is immense and extensively wide. What many students face in this journey of knowledge enrichment is the lack of a systematic arrangement of materials that they can use for their examination. Often, we see how JC students are thrown sets and piles of materials for reading before examination and unfortunately, they end up not using the materials at all for their tests and examinations. At this GP tuition centre, we focus on the empowerment of knowledge where knowledge accumulated by students must be taught with the art of application in their discussion and answering. We do not believe in the regurgitation of knowledge without precise understanding on how to use them in relation to the requirements of examination. Knowledge is only useful if you know how it is used for your betterment.

Be reflective

We mold our students to be reflective thinker who are logical, sensible and articulate. As prolific writers, students are capable to present in-depth discussion in an orderly manner with appropriate words of expression and logic of ideas in causation. As logic intellectuals, they can understand well of the content of passage, extract appropriate information and answer accurately the requirements of the question due to their developed capacity for discussion and explanation. We believe in nurturing this development of intellectual reflection to make them improve their abilities to utilize information to become better writer and articulate debater, the reflective thinker with Sensible Mind.

Be skillful

We also focus on the nurturing of essay writing skills and the comprehension answering techniques as this is a subject without fixed content of learning but a subject whereby students rely on these critical study skills to achieve academic excellence. Students must possess these skills to ensure that they do well for their essay writing and comprehension paper.

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Get a headstart in A Level General Paper

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