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What we do during our GP Tuition Intensive Revision?

Our Intensive Revision programme prepares students for their promotional examination (J1 students), Preliminary and GCE A Level examinations (J2 students). Our revision programme provides both skills development and content teaching. The skills development workshop will cover essay skills such as writing an effective rebuttal and comprehension skills such as how to answer the AQ (Application Question). The content teaching and learning will equip students with updated and relevant knowledge which can be applied to their writing. They will become proficient in critical thinking, ensuring that they can tackle challenging and unfamiliar questions with ease.

GP Tuition

Effective quick notes for exam preparation

Get effective quick notes to guide you during your revision. Notes are reviewed during class to enhance students’ understanding of the various thematic issues and learn how to apply this newfound knowledge during the exam.

GP Tuition

Exam oriented discussion and practice

Students face the common difficulty in applying GP issues and knowledge learnt to real-world application questions. To tackle this issue, we teach using an exam oriented approach to discuss GP topics and attempt practices. The tutor will also pinpoint and spot possible exam topics nearer to the exam date. This exam oriented approach will guide students towards an effective way to analyse and apply their knowledge and skills during the exam.

GP Tuition

Question review and feedback

Students are exposed to a variety of essay types and comprehension topics. Exposure to different questions and frequent practice hones their ability to think critically and apply the skills and concepts learnt. The tutor also provides regular feedback and review for students to work on their weaker areas.


As the founder and principal tutor, I would like to share with you my teaching principles as an educator in the teaching of JC General Paper

Programme A

June Joliday

GP Tuition

The June Holiday Revision programme focuses on reviewing topics taught in the first half of the year. THere will also be skills development classes to learn effective essay writing skills and comprehension techniques. This is a good opportunity for existing students to revise their content and skills, strengthening their GP fundamentals. For new students, this is an opportunity for them to go through the topics taught in the first half of the year, ensuring that they will not miss out on any important lessons and be able to catch up once the new school term starts.

Programme B

Promotional and Preliminary Examination Period

GP Tuition

Lessons will focus on preparing students for their upcoming Promotional and Preliminary examination. Students will go through content discussion and exam questions. Students will also attempt timed practices to ensure that they are used to writing under pressure and with limited time. They will also gain exposure to challenging questions, ensuring that they can tackle any type of question that comes out during the examination. Therefore, students are able to do well for their GP exam with confidence and ease.

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