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At GP Tuition Online, our regular classes are conducted through in-house live streaming sessions and online class practices with the aim to enrich our students’ knowledge, writing and answering techniques.

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Structured Learning Programme

Get our in-house designed and exam-oriented notes on main concepts and graphical illustration to improve understanding. Notes will be reviewed during online classes to enforce understanding of the important themes and concepts and learn how to apply this newfound knowledge in assignments and examinations.

Access materials anywhere, anytime

Enhance your studying experience through the removal of physical boundaries. Whether on desktop or mobile, morning or night, you will be able to access the necessary materials and lessons anywhere and anytime.

Targeted learning

Participate in a hands-on learning approach by attempting comprehension and essay practices. Our eLearning system provides you with the platform to refine your thinking and writing techniques through practices like essay outlines and summary questions, while highlighting topics and skills that require more practice.

Connect face-to-face, even when apart

Our eLearning system makes use of live streaming classes and other digital tools such as a virtual whiteboard to ensure clarity and quality in the illustration of concepts and skills. Distance will no longer be a factor in your academic journey and travelling time can be better used for more effective learning.


GP Tuition Online is structurally designed to nurture students to think reflectively, write persuasively and answer correctly.

Thematic Learning

The materials are prepared in a thematic manner, to ensure that students get an in-depth understanding of each topic. The topics chosen such as Social Media and Science and Technology are the popular and common topics covered in the GCE A Level GP examination, ensuring that the content learnt in GP Study is applicable for the students.

Content Enrichment

Notes are prepared to introduce students to the thematic issues. The notes are supplemented with webinars where we will go in depth into discussing essay-related topics and questions such as the pros and cons of Science and Technology in the modern society.


The eLearning system aims to hone the students’ critical thinking skills by engaging in online discussion. Discuss will not only help students think in a critical manner, it also exposes them to the views and perspectives of other students participating in the online discussion.


To ensure that students are able to apply what they have learnt, they are provided with comprehension and essay practices.