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What is GP Tuition Online?

GP Tuition Online is an online learning programme that empowers students to study the General Paper subject effectively. We have developed an examination-focused and digital study approach that students can use to understand GP issues and apply their knowledge in GP essays and comprehension questions.

How do we make use of technology to make learning more effective?

GP Tuition Online offers three key features to enhance the effectiveness of your learning. Explore real-world issues in live-streamed classes and improve your writing techniques with online practices. Also, you can organise your notes and marked practices in the online media library.

GP Tuition

Live-streamed lessons

Just like a class held in a physical classroom, we teach GP issues, review writing errors and hold consultations to help you to achieve grade A. Participate in enriching online discussions with the GP Tutor and other students to develop opinionated thinking.

GP Tuition

Online practices, review and marking

Try out online practices to assess your level of writing proficiency. In contrast to physical practices, you can attempt a wide range of comprehension and essay questions via our online question bank. These practices are reviewed and marked online by the GP tutor.

GP Tuition

Online Media Library for study resources

We create a stress-free study experience by providing you with an accessible online media library that stores notes and past practices. You can browse these softcopy versions of thematic notes, essay outlines and comprehension practices anytime.

How you can gain from the online GP tuition?

Students of GP Tuition Online will benefit from our structured study programme. With increased connectivity, you can enter the virtual classroom and learn anytime and anywhere. Additionally, our structured learning system makes study resources accessible for revision. You can try out a variety of online practices to hone your thinking, reading and writing skills thoroughly.

GP Tuition

Learn anytime, anywhere

One key strength of eLearning is that you can study General Paper anytime and anywhere. Focus your energies on the live-streamed classes that feature thematic discussion and practice reviews at your own preferred location and time of the day.

GP Tuition

A structured learning system

The digital media library functions as a storage feature to organise your study notes and practices systematically. This reliable and structured learning system will aid you in developing an optimised revision process, such that you can retrieve references easily.

GP Tuition

Skills development

GP Tuition Online offers an added advantage of providing you with enriching learning videos, virtual classes and practices to refine your writing techniques. We guide you through the analysis and answering of comprehension and essay questions.

GP Tuition

Online practices

Try out online GP comprehension and essay practices to prepare for the school and national examinations. Our eLearning programme has different types of practices to assist you in developing specific skills, such as outline writing and the use of examples