IP GP Preparation

Integrated programme for General Paper Preparation

Shape yourself to become an intellect

As most students who have just started have shown their excellence in the STEM programme, they are inefficient in the studies of humanity subjects. Many students also face adequacy in reading, writing and comprehension. It is also imperative to guide and coach these brilliant young mind to build their capacity to develop intellectual acumen to generate ideas, develop elaboration and cultivate arguments for their learning experiences

With this understanding of our students’ learning circumstances and the needs for their studies, we have uniquely designed a program with the focus to improve their learning capacity. With an extensive focus on the skills for essay writing and comprehension skills, we will raise the language proficiency for the students and the intellectual thinking that enables them to articulate more effectively and persuasively to prove their points.

How do we teach

Learn from the best and be ready for academic excellence

We teach in a methodological approach whereby a systematic process of learning is nurtured to make students acquire the essence of arguments. Content enrichment is enriched to broaden students’ capacity to understand more about the empirical development of the world and concepts in various issues. Through these issues, we improve our students’ vocabulary capacity to express their arguments in a sensible and academic expression.

We will also train our students with essay writing skills on essay writing structure, conceptualisation, types of elaboration, special paragraph development on introduction, conclusion, rebuttal and extent of agreement and various ways in developing examples to support arguments.

Lastly, the teaching also emphasizes on the comprehension skills where students will learn more about the reading process on how students understand ideas and extract points to effectively answer the comprehension questions. This will nurture students’ capacity to present their ideas or explain concepts during their secondary or more advanced level of studies.

Activities in our teaching programmes

GP Tuition
Content and vocabulary enrichment

knowledge about the world and GP issues

Learn to Write
GP Tuition
Essay Writing skills

Be the prolific write

Learn to Write
GP Tuition
Comprehension Skills

Answer well

Learn to Write

Benefits of the Integrated programme

Be an intellectual thinker and writer.

Nurture your mind, read and think, write intelligently and organize your study and be the academic achiever.

Be the intellectual thinker

Be the prolific reader

Be a persuasive writer

Be a good organizer

Be an achiever