Blogs on integrated programmes 2

Blogs about Integrated Programs 2

This is one of the the blogs on Integrated programmes that we would like to share to help students and parents learnn well from their studiesband prepare for JC education.

Is an IP programme better than an O level programme?

The obvious yardstick that many will use to answer the question if the integrated programme is better than the track of the O level is often based on the grade of PSLE. However, i feel that there are also factors to consider when we examine this issue.

One reason why I feel that IP is better than O level programme is that IP has a more competitive environment for the students. If one believes that competition will make a person more diligent and creative, the competitive and educational demanding environment will make a person learn and gain from this environment. The programme is often designed with the intention to give students more in-depth learning to build their academic and career development. Schools like NUS high school have an excellent programme for STEM education and are appealing to students who are capable and aspired for this area of study.

As mentioned, these IP schools have more in-depth studies for certain subjects or areas of development which will help students to carve out the career aspired by the students. Programmes like this will satisfy the interests and needs of the students but it may be too early for the students to make such choices at such a young age. However, it is still a great opportunity for the students to get a chance to work towards a career that they want.

It is also an advantage to study in an Integrated programme as they offer many opportunities for independent study and creative programmes which will be very helpful to aiding students’ learning curve for university study. These programmes enrich the learning skills like organizing in research, presentation in projects and essay writing skills. The learning experiences provided by the IP school is definitely an effective way for students to nurture their skills and raise their intellectual acumen.

Though the IP schools offer many advantages, the test scope is narrower and spread over a series of short tests which means students will be less capable to handle a final year examination which has a wide scope of syllabus. There is also a lack of major national examinations which is often identified by many parents and educators as one of the reasons why students cannot handle and do well for GCE A level examination. Such a consideration must not be ignored as this can be a difficult hindrance to overcome.

In retrospect, we must understand why these considerations are imperative to ponder as we are not just weighing on the cost and benefits for the choice. It is also one good way for us to understand the problems that students need to know the development in the IP schools.

By JC GP Tutor Simon Ng