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About the General Paper Teaching Methodology

Our GP Tuition programmes utilize a comprehensive three-pronged approach that helps students to expand their scope of knowledge of GP matters and refine their application skills

Step 1
Knowledge Enrichment

We cover a wide range of thematic issues such as Culture, Social Media and Discrimination through flipside discussions, videos and notes. The exposure to relevant and interesting content enriches the students’ knowledge, helping them to widen their worldview and gain a deeper understanding of GP issues.

Step 2
Skills Application

GP Tuition places a strong emphasis on skills application. We hone students’ comprehension skills and techniques as well as essay writing skills. This ensures that they are able to properly articulate and pen down their thoughts and knowledge into writing.

Step 3
Practice and Discussion

During the lesson, the tutor will engage in regular discussions to facilitate critical thinking and sharing of different perspectives. Students will also attempt past year papers, other school papers and practices crafted by the tutor. Students can even arrange for monthly classroom timed practices with the tutor to practice writing under exam conditions.

How our GP Tuition programmes empower you to attain grade A

At GP Tuition, we ensure that students can get grade A in their GCE A Level examination, become a more intellectual articulator and gain a clear vision about global issues in their learning.

Step 1
Organise your knowledge

Students can benefit from our GP Tuition programme as they become a more organised learner. Students become more efficient at organising their content, thoughts and writing.

Step 2
Think wisely, articulate logically and answer comprehensively

Students are able to think wisely and come up with good points to write no matter how challenging the essay question is. They also become logical articulators and are able to pen out their thoughts nicely with the appropriate vocabulary and writing structure. Students also learn to answer comprehensively, ensuring that they minimise any errors and do not miss out any important points, thus getting as many points as possible when tackling the comprehension.

Step 3
Become exam oriented and adaptive to spontaneous thinking and writing

As the GP programme is taught using an exam-oriented approach, students will be trained to become exam oriented, understand the syllabus and answer effectively according to the GCE A level examination requirements. Students will also become adaptive to spontaneous thinking and writing, being able to tackle any type of essay and comprehension questions.

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