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Schedule for 2021 Regular Class

Join the JC GP Tuition programme to be ready for the General Paper examination. Our lessons feature thematic discussion, essay writing and comprehension practices.

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Why join our GP Tuition Classroom @ Bishan and Bedok?

At GP Tuition, we believe that our teaching methodology and well-designed learning tools can ignite the students’ passion in acquiring General Paper knowledge and guide them in their journey to achieve academic excellence.

Content Teaching

We enrich students through Flipside Discussion of thematic issues, such as the pros and cons of the education system in Singapore. Our GP tutor nurtures students to become proficient writers by reviewing and attempting essay and comprehension practices. Students can access informative videos and useful ‘Facts and Figures’.

Make Learning Productive with Good Notes

Studying General Paper may seem like an uphill task for some students. With our concise GP study notes, students can derive a more in-depth understanding of diverse GP issues, like social media and the environment. Students can then spend more time on answering essay and comprehension questions.

Good Analysis and Application of Knowledge

While some assume that general information is easily accessible online, it is a different matter to apply such knowledge to argumentative writing. We utilise a proven teaching method to impart the essential skills of reading, thinking and writing to guide students towards the attainment of grade A for the A Level examination.

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Types of GP Tuition Programmes

GP Tuition provides different types of General Paper programmes to cater to students with different learning needs, allowing them to choose the most suitable approach that can enhance their learning.

If you are unable to come for physical classroom teaching or would like to learn on a more independent approach. Try our other GP Study Plan programme or GP Tuition Online.

GP Classroom Tuition

GP Classroom Tuition is a physical classroom tuition. The tutor is able to have roundtable discussions with students and have timed classroom practices to ensure that students are able to apply the knowledge and skills learnt during class.

GP Online Tuition

GP Online Tuition is conducted online via a live streaming feature. Through the live stream, the tutor will engage in meaningful discussions with students, provide effective revision notes and use specially designed digital tools.

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GP Study Plan

The GP Study Plan is suitable for students who prefer studying in a guided manner independently. We have three types of study plans - JC Achiever’s Study Plan, Supported Study and Coached Study.

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