Economics Focus was established in the early 2000s with the main objective of nurturing and developing students to become competent thinkers and writers in the Economics GCE A level subject. The centre was built by a passionate JC Economics Tutor Simon Ng, whose dedication towards the pursuit of excellence has inspired many students to work hard and overcome their study-related setbacks. As such, our former students have realised their aims and excelled at the GCE A Level Economics examinations.

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The Economics Tuition programme features concise study materials and numerous topical practices for essay and case study to prepare students for the GCE A Level examination. Students learn to structure their thinking process when analysing various industry-specific examples and apply them critically.

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Learning effectively

We enhance this initial stage of learning of A Level Economics by inculcating in our students the thinking and learning skills to enhance their comprehension about the information they need to conceive and retain.

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Apply effectively

Effective application can only be achieved when students are able to link economics concepts to the requirement of the question and write in a direct and structural approach.

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Review critically

Critical review can be attained when students are able to comprehend and conceptualise the importance of the economic knowledge in its application, analysis, and evaluation in accordance to the context of discussion. In this stage, students are trained to think rationally, conducting economic analysis and critical review of information on economic activities and impact and policy implication in the context of question and the empirical world, domestically, regionally or globally.