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The Vlog is a fascinating feature to showcase short videos that discuss General Paper topics to capture your undivided attention. These videos have been organised and published to streamline your study efforts, comprising thematic content revision, issue-based discussion and question review.

Thematic content enrichment

Revise for the examinations by watching our educational videos that explain important concepts and perspectives for GP themes. For example, we have videos discussing the social and psychological impacts of social media.

Issue-based discussion

Be intrigued by the fascinating General Paper topics that are being discussed in a group setting between students and the GP Tutor. These discussions are similar to how we conduct our classes to keep learning interactive and purposeful.

Question Review

In preparation for the General Paper examinations, you can watch these review questions to improve your familiarity with the question variation. We cover questions from past examinations and other practices to comprehend the scope of assessment.


Browse the featured videos to kick-start your revision.

Be motivated to study General Paper by watching our study videos. These videos have been structured to match your varied study preferences. We publish these videos in a timely manner to keep you updated on the recent developments at the national and international levels.

Globalisation Explained

Examine features of globalisation to understand its impact on the world.

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Is censorship necessary?

Find out more about the features of modern values to comprehend whether they are detrimental to the society or not.

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Are modern values harmful to society?

Learn more about the examples of gender discrmination and how it affects individuals in the modern world.

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