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In this attentively guided and coached individual GP tuition programme, students will be taught on an individual basis with extensive gp study notes on gp issues, gp essay writing skills and comprehension answering techniques. During each lesson, we will discuss with students on how to understand the requirements of the questions, derive the answers and forge effective answers for the respective types of questions. We will examine the student’s classwork, sport the errors and develop solutions to help them to correct errors.

The class lesson is also developed based on the student’s progress and students can be more comfortable in the question and answering portion of learning. The tutor will examine the student’s classwork, sport the errors and develop solutions to help them to correct errors.

GP Tuition

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How this individual GP tuition works

Lessons are done online where we interact and coach students via zoom with google documents and gp video practices to make students learn well and practice more. We will; make discussion on how questions are set, noting that we nurture students’ independent thinking and review the GP skills to answer all. A set of gp notes compromising all the major areas of study will be developed to prepare students for the GCE A level examination.

The set of learning materials will be organized and built with the students to enable them to harness the skills and create materials to make the student’s learning easier and productive. This set of materials will also help students remember their errors and corrections and be the source of materials to strive for progress.

Why this programme benefits you

This Individual gp tuition programme is most suitable for students who are not very familiar and do not feel competent to handle the demand of the subject. These students are usually not familiar with the gp essay writing and comprehension answering requirements. Students who need to be coached with the necessary skills may want to get the gp tuition on an individual basis.students who require personal guidance on how they can apply information they have learnt in their writing and answering practices.

We also recommend that some of the new students start off with four intensive individual lessons to have a clarity on the various types of essay writing skills and answering techniques before they join the group tuition. The GP skills will be a good way to help students acquire the writing and answering behaviours that get them grade A. It will be the most productive learning approach to excel within the short study timeframe.

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