GP Essay Writing Skills

The Significance of Essay Writing Skills

Of the two papers for the GCE A level examination, the essay writing paper is easier to raise the score of the students within the shortest period. Students need to acquire the effective essay writing skills to develop the optimal writing techniques to scare grade A. Many students fail to understand such writing skills are of great significance. It enables students to think independently to derive a quick and accurate answer for the question, develop the logical and argumentative ideas and express these rationales into sensible and persuasive expressions.

What we teach in our Essay Writing Skills

The content of essay writing skills consists of a fundamental and advanced stage of learning which enables students to nurture their essay writing skills in a progressive yet effective and immediate pace of development. Students will be able to quickly master the essay writing skills to competently prepare for their WA, mid year or final examination. Along the course of the tuition, students will be further taught more advanced essay writing.

The Essay Writing Skills workshop is divided into two levels and covers the following areas:

  1. Understanding of questions / Generation of Ideas
  2. Development of Category of Discussion and arguments and structure of Discussion
Level 2
  1. Paragraph Development I - Introduction and Conclusion
  2. Paragraph Development II - Types of Paragraph Development
  3. Paragraph Development III - Types of Causation
  4. Development and Illustration of Example
  5. Logical and Argumentative Writing
  6. Generation and Application of Ideas
  7. Essay Outline Development

GCE A level examination about Essay Question

The GCE A level examination board is changing the nature of the question in terms of the topic, the way how the question is asked and the approach on how the question is answered. Students need to take note of such change to develop the right arguments. They also must acquire the sensible and expressive writing to put across their argument in a fast and effective way to score grade A.

We provide review of the questions for the past few years in our blog and will teach students on how to answer these questions during our GP Trial class and GP Tuition programmes

Blogs on Essay Writing

These blogs and vblogs would give students better understanding of the essay writing and it covers learning on essay writing skills, common knowledge about essay writing and review of questions. Please feel free to browse these articles and we hope it would provide a better understanding on how we conduct our gp tuition to help you to get grade A.