Blogs on integrated programmes 1

Blogs about Integrated Programs 1

This is one of the the blogs on Integrated programmes that we would like to share to help students and parents learnn well from their studiesband prepare for JC education.

What IP students must take note in their studies for secondary and high school level

Your child has done well enough to enroll in an integrated programme but you are very concerned about his abilities to handle the challenges he may face in this higher learning environment. This blog is useful to help you comprehend some of the challenge in this happy problem

One such challenge is your concern over his or her language proficiency. Most IP school’s English Language programmes are more ingrained with the literature exposure of the English language and are often focusing on the teaching of the English language through the renowned nobles which I am very fortunate to experience. However, such a method is enriching but not instrumental as the learning of language is experienced by the sensibility of the language expressions and immersion in the literature of the nobles. Students may find such an approach complex and difficult at a young age if there is a lack of close guidance. It is imperative to take note on how our language programme is conducted as this will impair their development in humanity subjects.

Parents must also take note that the secondary school or integrated programme is wider and has a wide dimension in terms of the scope of learning and depth of questioning. That is a need to understand that not many students have experiences to learn so much and more complexity about the studies. We may see students engine in new tasks like project works. AS a result, students may have certain achilles heels in certain areas of their learning and they need help. We must be aware that their progress may be inclined higher towards certain areas while they are weakened in other areas. Thus, we may need to provide them with some aids like tuition for subjects like English language which may be more complex in the future with subjects like General Paper.

We also need to note that core curriculum activities are demanding as students have to be more dedicated in their participation and this will take up more of their time. Parents need to be helpful in planning the involvement in these activities at the first or even second year, focusing on teaching their children on how to manage these activities for their benefits. Parents should advise their children on the amount of commitment and dedication in participation and how to manage their time for their busy schedule, stretching between studies and curriculum activities.

Last but not least, our greatest concern is that your child is growing to become a youth and this adolescent years can be quite disturbing and difficult to manage. They have a change in their values and behaviours and a high degree of exposure to social media.parents’ understanding of the changes is imperative but there is still a need to impose some regulations and controls over the children. Guidance at this stage of life is of great help when they are moving into a more challenging and competitive environment.

By JC GP Tutor Simon Ng