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Through this GP Tuition Programme, JC students will be able to consolidate their preparation for the GP examination as we provide a very comprehensive programme that will nurture their essay writing skills, improve their comprehension answering techniques, enrich their content knowledge and strengthen their readiness for examination for General Paper.

In this revision programme, we will make sure that students understand their errors and why they are failing to improve as reviews will be made about their work. There will also be extensive practices to raise their adaption to answer a wider range of questions, enhancing their readiness for examination.

What we will teach in this General Paper Intensive Revision

Our intensive revision programme will impart you with the thinking and writing skills to handle the various challenges that the exams may entail. Every lesson is packed with enriching and engaging content and application segments to promote spontaneous thinking and opinion development. By the end of the revision lessons, you will become more adept and effective in approaching GP issues. Discover how GP Tutor Simon Ng can help you to ace your GP exams!

How we enrich your content knowledge

The GP tuition classes will facilitate content enrichment as you will learn to understand key concepts and provide clear and concise explanation. For example, you will develop the ability to link the content knowledge to GP essay questions. Also, you will learn how to form arguments and use examples purposefully.

How we make you a prolific writer

The study of A Level General Paper (8807) also requires you to become proficient in writing. During the GP tuition, you will understand and develop the structure for essay writing based on the different types of GP essays, like the ‘Do you agree’ and ‘To what extent’ types.

Also, you will learn how to develop the introduction, set paragraph development and conclusion. As for the specifics of essay writing, there are occasions when you will be introduced to causation writing to form arguments, make comparative or evaluative statements.

You will master the art of GP essay writing through rigorous improvement in your expression and articulation of points. GP Tutor Simon Ng will impart you with the rebuttal skills to enhance the conviction of your writing. By undergoing numerous class practices, you will acquire the skills in no time.

How we nurture your answering techniques

The GP skills development will feature segments to teach you how to read and write well. In the case of comprehension questions, you will learn to read and understand the given text efficiently and effectively. The use of annotation and extraction of points from the text will strengthen your depth of analysis.

Also, we emphasize meticulous and accurate phrasing of answers. You will learn to be systematic, logical and accurate in explanation and evaluation. The comprehension of language-based questions and other forms, like inference and identification of writer’s tone or attitude, will be improved in the process of class practices.

Our GP tuition classes are instructional and exam-oriented as you will learn to use easy, fast and organised methods to tackle summary and application questions (AQs). The aspiration of excel in A Level General Paper is made possible in our June intensive revision programme.

How we clear your apprehension for GP Examination

As we understand that the process of learning General Paper and understanding the issues can be frictional at times, the revision classes will help you to clear any doubts and apprehension that you may bear.

You will sharpen your answering techniques through class discussion and become more adaptable to the complexity of questions by attempting trial practices regularly.

Furthermore, these class practices serve as useful time trials to improve your writing speed and thereby strengthen time management skills. As such, our comprehension GP tuition revision classes will raise your confidence and reduce any form of apprehension that you have towards the GP subject and the examinations. Learning General Paper is made easy and enjoyable!

Learn more about the Art of Essay Writing for General Paper and Economics

The art of writing is a very critical aspect of learning for JC students and we would like to share with you its importance with this education article written by JC GP and Economics tutor Simon Ng. The article relates to the various aspects of GP and Economics essay writing and how you can become better in this aspect of the examination.

If you are keen to learn more about General Paper and Economics and develop the skills to answer exam questions well, do not hesitate to contact JC Economics and GP Tutor Simon Ng at 96890510.

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Hear what our students say about our GP tuition Intensive Revision Programme

We are glad that our JC students have achieved academic excellence in their GCE A Level General Paper examination and would like to invite you to read more about the positive experiences of formers students that benefited from our GP tuition.

Given the diversity in learning approaches and directions set by various JCs, it is expected that you may have some doubts on the optimal way to study for General Paper. Therefore, we invite you to consult GP Tutor Simon Ng at 96890510 to assess your learning competency and to understand the subject better.

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Reviews System WIDGET PACK

What we teach in our GP tuition? offers GP tuition programme for JC1 and JC2 students that aspire to succeed in their A Level General Paper examination. Tutors of equip students with the essential GP essay writing skills and case study answering techniques to handle the different challenges posed by the examination questions. To ensure that students overcome their learning difficulties, students to be guided by proficient and observant tutors. They will examine the student’s answers and provide feedback on how to improve the writing, thereby raising the quality of answers. In addition, students will undertake consistent class practice to improve their GP essays and comprehension.

JC GP Tuition Programmes and Class Schedule

The JC GP tuition programme is separated into two parts: thematic-based discussion and GP skills development. The purpose of this arrangement of classes is to specify the areas of learning for students to devote their energies into. Tutors of will utilize a progressive learning model to imbue in students the essential knowledge to comprehend complex issues that are widely debated at the individual, societal and international levels. The GP tuition programmes are exam-oriented, implying that the learning experience of students at this tuition centre will be beneficial to their exam preparation. By the end of the journey, students will possess the skills and knowledge to maximise their attainment of marks for the A Level GP examinations.

Furthermore, the classes are arranged in ways to ensure that all students have adequate choices to attend the lessons, despite the hectic school timetable. The tutors of understand that it can be challenging and stressful for students to juggle between school work and other activities. Hence, the GP tuition programmes are conducted in 2 hours per lesson to maximise the effectiveness of classes without compromising on the attention span and retaining of knowledge.

JC GP Tuition in Singapore

Discover the essentials of effective GP essay writing and comprehension answering techniques.

Tips on how to score A for A Level GP examination

Students that seek to achieve A for A Level General Paper examination can consider the following tips that are prepared by the experienced tutors of It is highly encouraged for students to enrol in our GP tuition programmes to unlock their learning potential.

1) Set a study plan and commit to it

Students must set a study plan to decide on the direction of how they should study on a weekly basis. A personal timetable will be useful to students as they will be able to revise for every A Level subject adequately. The feasibility of a study plan depends on the degree of self-discipline of students. If a student is determined to ace the examination, then it is likely that the student will adhere to the plan. Also, students should make sure that they receive adequate rest every day.

2) Undergo regular class practices

Students must adapt to the notion of going through regular class practices to be ready to answer the examination questions. For General Paper, students have to practise a broad range of essay questions to be familiar with the topics that were tested. By writing the essays, students will experience the frictional process, which refers to problems such as lacking the ability to elaborate points. Although the frictional process is a mental challenge to students, the class practices will be beneficial to prepare the students for the stressful conditions of the examination. By the time they sit for the examination, they will be able to manage the difficulties of the examination questions.

3) Read widely

Students should approach the subject with the intent to learn. To develop the ability to integrate knowledge from various issues and themes, students must read widely. This means that they have to get used to reading topics that are debated by professionals, like academics and educators. For example, students can start with the Opinion columns found in newspapers, which are also known as op-eds. To maximise the gains of the reading experience, students can use passages from comprehension questions to hone their reading skills.

Why join our GP tuition programme?

There are many benefits from the GP tuition programme. By enrolling in the classes, students can gain access to concise study materials that will enhance their conceptual understanding. Under the guidance of GP tutors, students will develop the competency to apply GP essay writing and comprehension skills, such as information extraction, point elaboration, and inference.

Receive concise study notes

Students can use study notes to refine their learning by tapping on the expertise of the GP tutors. The notes are structured in exam-oriented ways to ensure that what students read will remain useful and relevant to their application of knowledge at the examination. Furthermore, the notes are organized into different themes, which contain different sections like key terms, factor identification, point elaboration, impact analysis, and evaluation of measures. By using these notes, students can have a credible reference point to undergo revision by doing practice questions.

Close guidance and monitoring from GP tutor Simon Ng

For students who are in need of guidance can turn to the GP tutors, who are determined to help them succeed in their A Level General Paper examination. During the GP tuition programme, students can consult the tutors to identify the possible mistakes and misconceptions relating to the study of GP issues. Tutors can review the GP essays and comprehension answers of students to assess the proficient level. Then, tutor feedback is provided to students, which will be useful in determining whether the students have improved from the learning experience. As such, students will develop their confidence and be more ready to tackle the examinations.

Intensive revision for exam-oriented preparation

As the examination date approaches, students will undergo intensive revision programme to hone their skills. There will be less emphasis on issue-based discussion as content enrichment is counterproductive at the last stage of study. Instead, students will be taught how to answer specific types of questions. GP tutors will place more emphasis on class practices to facilitate the nurturing of essential answering techniques for GP essays and comprehension questions.

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