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Learn more about our Intensive Revision schedule for the GP and Economics Tuition programmes. We have organised them into separate PDFs for your easy reference.

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JC1 & JC2 GP Tuition

Join our General Paper Tuition programme available for both JC1 and JC2 students to explore this A Level subject effectively. We provide concise thematic notes, online learning activities and essay outlines.

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J1 Economics Tuition

Join our JC1 Economics Tuition to prepare for the GCE A Level Economics Examination. Students will receive essay questions and case study questions to be familiar with a wide range of industry-related issues.

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J2 Economics Tuition

Join our JC2 Economics Tuition to prepare for the GCE A Level Economics Examination. Students will receive essay questions and case study questions to be ready for the demands of this subject.

What our GP Tuition will teach?

Class activities for our General Paper Tuition

Our GP Tuition programme is exam-driven as it features intellectually-engaging class activities that reinforce your ability to perceive ideas, analyse issues and form logical arguments to answer GP comprehension and essay questions effectively. Our class activities comprise of thematic discussion, GP comprehension skills development and GP essay writing techniques refinement.

Thematic Discussion

In contrast to conventional views, reading news articles and magazines alone is not sufficient to excel at the A Level General Paper examination. Rather, it is imperative to organise your learning by categorising the topics by themes. Our classes feature Thematic Discussion that cover topics, like Science and Technology, Environment, Culture and Fake News.

Comprehension Answering Techniques Development

One of the major components of the A Level General Paper examination is the GP Comprehension, which comprises of short questions, summary and application question (or AQ, in short). Our holiday revision emphasises on the cultivation of comprehension answering methods, like passage review and analysis, information extraction, study of questions asses tone, purpose and style of writing.

Essay Writing Skills Development

The second key aspect of A Level General Paper is the GP essay, which is to be selected from a set of questions during the examination. We will teach you how to identify different types of essay questions, like ‘do you agree’, ‘what are your views’ and ‘how far do you agree’. Also, integrate your knowledge of various topics from our thematic discussion to form intricate and well-connected arguments in your essay.

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Content Enrichment for Environment

Why should countries be concerned with the environment?

As part of our regular GP Tuition feature, we will be examining the GP issue on ‘environment’ to reinforce your comprehension of different GP topics that are likely to be found in the comprehension and essay questions. To aid you in your quest to grasp that elusive ‘A’ at the end of the A Level General Paper examination, we will take on multiple perspectives to provide a thorough analysis on the environmental concerns that influence the individuals, societies and governments. We hope that this learning approach will inspire you to explore these topics passionately, such that you develop a broadened mindset and the thinking capacity to examine GP issues carefully.

Individual: How does environment affect us?

Learn more about the way the environment can affect our daily lives. By understanding the disastrous consequences of environmental degradation, individuals are compelled to act decisively to minimise these impacts.

Social: How does environment affect culture?

Read more to find out how changes in the environment can create societal impacts. As individuals become more aware of the consequences of pollution, there has been an increase in number of environment-related movements and organisations.

Economic: How does environment affect business?

Explore the economic implications that emerge from environmental degradation. As environmental impacts have undermined companies, it can be observed that more efforts are made to switch to environmental-friendly products and service provision.

Political: How does environment affect politics?

Address the political concerns surrounding environmental conservation. Learn more about the policy shifts that are implemented to deal with the costs of pollution, such as the growing support for climate change and resource sustainability.

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Know how to develop your examples to support your argument

3 useful tips to improve your GP answering skills

In this section, we will be covering three study tips that can augment your efforts to create a productive revision plan, namely the use of online search to find examples, reference to statistics to support your arguments and application of examples as an observational point.

While it may seem adequate to read these points, you should apply them on a regular basis to internalise these tips, such that they will become part of your acquired learning behaviour. Join our GP Tuition programme and we will show you how to cultivate exam-smart learning methods.

Google search your example

If you are looking for an example to substantiate your argument, refer to online resources for ideas. Treat ‘Google’ as your ‘best friend’. However, be careful on how you select your sources to write these examples. Learn to discern trustworthy sources and those that are questionable.

Use of statistics

Another useful tip is to introduce statistics to support you argument. Statistical references are easier to remember as compared to ‘word-for-word’ quotes. For example: A 2018 study done by ABC Research Institute has shown that at least two-thirds of teenagers use social media for an average of 4 hours daily.

Apply as an observation

Also, you can use examples to form observational arguments to demonstrate your flair for writing. You can start by using your personal observations to describe an issue. For instance: In recent years, youths are observed to be more entrepreneurial than youths of the past.

Improve your skills of expression

Write like a journalist

Strengthen your GP essay and comprehension answering techniques by taking into consideration the following three points: Be figurative, analytical and opinionated. Read on to find out what these points truly mean and how they can be applied to your revision and examinations.

Similar to how a journalist can be prolific and expressive in writing, we believe that you have the potential to develop and refine these skills. The most important takeaway point is that you should keep trying. Do not be afraid to make mistakes. Over time, it will become second-nature to you in forming eloquent expressions.

Be Figurative

One of the essential writing approaches is to use figurative language. Figurative expression is a linguistic method to alter a literal form of writing to demonstrate your versatility and flexibility in the use of the language. Figurative language can be seen in terms of types, like metaphors, symbolism and personification. For instance, symbolism is demonstrated when writers describe a country as the ‘last bastion of democracy’.

Be Analytical

Another useful expressive writing skill is to be analytical in your thinking. In order to derive a sound form of writing, you should focus on developing your observation skills. This can be achieved through frequent discussions with your teachers, family and friends. It does not matter if it is casual or formal settings. As long as you put in the effort to think reflectively, you are exercising and expanding your thinking capacity.

Be Opinionated

Besides, being opinionated means that you should have your own views when engaging in discussions. To illustrate, here’s a question: What is your view towards the regulation of free speech? Pause for a moment and ponder on this question. Share your views with your peers. By doing so, you will develop an opinionated form of thinking that enables you to elucidate your thoughts clearly, such that it enhances your ability to express ideas freely and clearly.

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How our GP Tuition teaches you to write GP Essays on Fake News, Censorship and Freedom of Speech

Enrol in our GP Tuition programme to explore the intricacies of such issues and build up your knowledge capacity to tackle GP essay questions. Our lessons are beneficial as you will examine and discuss controversial issues that are usually tested in A Level General Paper examination.

For every month, we will set out a new topic to enrich your thinking through our various learning portals. We will also be going through in-depth analysis on this given issue. During our lessons, we will further apply these enriched content to improve your intellectual opinions, essay writing techniques, comprehension skills especially on AQs and SAQs. We will be widening your scope of knowledge of these issues to make you a more prolific writer and reflective thinker.

All students in our class are also encouraged to join GP tutor Simon Ng for essay writing and comprehension practices (Study with Simon Programme) on a fortnightly basis where you will be given essay outlines or comprehension passages to practise. You will be guided on these sessions and with given practices to prepare for grade A. Best of all, these lessons are Free.

How our GP Tuition and GP Essays will prepare you for the Exam

In addition to this GP tuition page, you can examine other related GP issues published in other complementary learning portals. We strongly encourage you to explore these issues, engage in self-reflection and express your views (in the commentary feature displayed below) to develop the confidence and proficiency to grasp the topics well.

GP Notes on Fake News

In this section, we provide GP Notes to examine the topic of fake news, which is a pertinent and relevant issue in this modern day and age. Our learning resources will cover the essentials, like definition, implications and solutions to address this topic. Delve into this topic and find out how you can apply your newfound knowledge to GP essays and comprehension questions.

What is fake news?
‘Fake news’ is a term to describe misleading and inaccurate information that is transmitted on traditional news media and online social media platforms. Fake news is generated to undermine an individual or organisation by using attention-seeking headlines and exaggerated writing to raise readership and influence perceptions.

Why people forge fake news?
Fake news is written and published for various reasons, which are typically seen from the political and social angles. From the political perspective, fake news are generated to tarnish the reputation of opposing political parties, organisations and countries by deceiving the audience. As for the social angle, fake news can incite hatred towards specific groups of individuals to destabilise societies, seen in cases like racial and religious discrimination.

Why fake news is bad?
Given the freer flow of information in this modern age, fake news is detrimental to societies. From the social perspective, fake news gives rise to social instability as misconstrued facts and figures sway the thoughts and emotions of individuals, allowing distrust and suspicions to fester. Consequently, social unrests may arise, which brings about unnecessary bloodshed and violence.

Can censorship regulate fake news?
Censorship refers to the regulation of information that is deemed inappropriate, harmful and insensitive. In view of the growing threat of fake news, governments have considered censorship as the primary means to control the dissemination of information. Although state-level censorship, such as outright ban of specific online news organisations, may stem out the spread of fake news, it may not be adequate to minimise the harmful impacts. Therefore, the proliferation of education is important to empower individuals with the knowledge and skills to conduct self-censorship.

GP Notes on Censorship

In this section, our GP Notes will focus on the definition, significance and impacts of censorship in the modern world. During our GP tuition, you will examine the issues relating to censorship and how they can relate to your own experiences. By doing so, you will develop application skills to match the content to GP essays and comprehension questions.

What is censorship?
Censorship is the control of information flow through individual, organisational and governmental means. Censorship is usually employed as a means of regulation to restrict information that threatens the social and political stability of modern societies, upholding a civic and orderly society.

Why is there a need for censorship?
Some argue that censorship is necessary as it prevents the outbreak of social conflicts that may escalate into protracted confrontations and violence. For instance, censorship against divisive elements, like hate speech, is important to ensure social and political stability.

Is censorship still relevant in the modern world?
Although censorship has negative repercussions on societies, such as the curtailment of freedom, it is still undeniably useful and relevant as a tool to maintain peace and stability. This issue on the relevance of censorship in the modern society is debatable.

GP Notes on Freedom of Speech

We feature a GP Notes section that describe the meaning and significance of Freedom of Speech. Delve into the controversies surrounding the issue and how it affects individuals, societies and countries. Then, relate your understanding of the issue to practice questions, found in comprehension and GP essays.

What is freedom of speech?
Freedom of speech refers to the right of individuals to raise their opinions and ideas without being suppressed via state censorship. In certain countries, particularly in USA, freedom of speech is acknowledged as an inalienable right of citizens that must be upheld and protected at all costs.

Is freedom of speech important?
Given this understanding, freedom of speech holds much importance to democratic societies as it allows for constructive debates and discussion amongst individuals. By restricting freedom of speech, repressive governments may discourage people to voice political incorrect opinions that may be crucial for the betterment of societies.

Does freedom of speech divide societies?
Should freedom of speech be abused, disastrous consequences may result. Individuals who insist that their freedom of speech and expression should never be curtailed, their irresponsible use of this right can give rise to social divisions. For example, the spread of anti-religious messages and hate speech can fracture societies as victims become offended and may retaliate in kind. Therefore, it is imperative for individuals to exercise restraint when expressing certain ideas.

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Our GP Essays

In this section, you can browse through the GP essays to derive a firm understanding of fake news, censorship and freedom of speech. Our GP tuition programme will further utilise an instructive and easy-to-follow teaching method with greater use of other GP essays and types of comprehension so that you can become a more prolific writer.

GP Essays on Fake News

For this area of learning, our gp tuition will be focusing on interesting factual knowledge on the history of fake news and its impact on the society, its creation and how it is to be regulated and imposed with censorship. It is also critical and enriching to examine how fake news will affect the society as we examine how fake news will affect the democracy as observed in US. There is also the need to further examine how censorship will be a serious problem for our society if it is not regulated.

GP Essays on Censorship

To examine censorship, we need to know the importance of censorship and its role in our modern society. We need to debate the absolute existence of censorship and why we must regulate the press for the interest of the individuals, the society and the nation. The relevancy and necessity of censorship in a modern society like Singapore is also great interest to study and it would be interesting for JC students to know more about how censorship is linked to fake news. Most of all, JC students need to know more this issue of censorship is examined from the economic, social, political, individual, religious and cultural angles of discussion to make a sound and comprehensive debate of this issue.

GP Essays on Freedom of Speech

On this gp issue about freedom of speech, give us your take on why it is important for the society to uphold freedom of speech. You may also want to give us a comment about our GP tuition. Thank you.

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