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GP Study Plan at JC Achievers Club

At JC Achievers Club, we help students who feel stressed out and clueless on the right approach to study for General Paper. We provide structured learning plans to guide students through their journeys. There are three types of learning programmes to enhance their study efforts.

What is our GP Study Plan?

How to get Grade A for General Paper?

What is GP Guided Study

The GP Guided Study is aimed at students who are independent in their learning and would greatly benefit from an organised and structured study guide and materials to increase the efficacy of their learning.


Study Guide

Our Study Guide contains thematic overviews, snippets of key information and concepts that provide an in-depth yet organised format which allows for ease of comprehension and absorption.


GP Essay Outlines

Thematic and Topical essay outlines encompassing a range of topics such as social media, crime and punishment and environment. Students can adopt the logical flow and the points in the essay outline to cultivate higher order thinking and demonstrate critical thinking in their essays.


Comprehension MCQ

MCQ practices of SAQ enable students to improve the three core competencies tested in comprehension. First, the comprehension of the passages. Second, the ability to recognise the question requirements. Third, cultivation of answering techniques that meets the question requirements in a clear and concise manner.



Our in-house webinar is meticulously crafted to cover quintessential topics, providing insights into current and contemporary events, broadening the discussion by exploring the nuances and the complexity of issues. Students will be able to expose themselves to myriad views, broadening their worldview and enriching their essays.


Chat and Discussion

Join the community to discuss and debate the GP issue highlighted during the Webinar. The intellectual discussion will promote spontaneous thinking and deductive reasoning skills. With these skills, students will learn to apply them to written practices.

Benefits of the Plan

Who can we help?

Just by looking at the syllabus document delineated by SEAB, we understand that students can be overwhelmed by the use of broad terms such as ‘Historical, Social, Cultural, economic, political and philosophical topics’. Through our GP Guided Study, students can leverage on our wealth of experience in teaching GP to understand the key topics in just a glance.

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Want more help?

Students who require more support and guidance in GP can explore our other Study Plans.

Supported Study
The GP Supported Study is aimed at students who require more support in their journey to excel in General Paper. More comprehensive and in-depth materials such as notes and practices will be provided to aid your learning journey.
Coached Study
Students who excel with traditional forms of guidance found in tuition can explore our Coached Study. Students are taught online or through physical classrooms aided by provided and extra learning materials. Practice, review and discussions are some of methods deployed during the lessons.