Globalization or Glocalization?

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What is Globalization?

The Impact of Globalization

Overview of Video

The video explores the features, history and driving stakeholders of globalisation. It starts off by explaining the features of globalisation with the interconnectedness of international trade and technology. Then it briefly details the historical manifestation of globalisation in the form of the Silk Road Trade connecting China and Europe during the Middle Ages. Lastly, the video attributed the rise of globalisation to the creation of transportation and communication technology that enabled the ease of travel by individuals or transnational companies.

However, you may want to consider globalization as a cultural evolution when small villages transform themselves into cities and give rise the concept of a global village. In this process, globalization is driven by cultural exchange and development, where new values and behaviours are shaping global society. With the advent of social media, new ideas are dispersed, forming a knowledge economy and developing a global civilization. Hence, the contributing factors of globalization are diverse but the key factor that drives the development is the degree of technological development which modernizes and globalizes our world.

After viewing this video, students may ask the following questions to further deepen their understanding of the topic. Are they historical parallels in globalisation? What are the varying impacts of globalisation?

GP Tutor's View

Globalisation is not an exclusive concept that is unique to the 20th and 21st Century. What we have back in the Late Bronze Age and what we have today are two of the instances in the history of the world where different civilizations interacted at the same time. In the Late Bronze Age they were globalised in their own way. People were trading and dependent upon each other. For example, tin is coming from Afghanistan; copper is coming from Cyprus; gold is coming via Egypt from Nubia. Simply put, everyone is dependent on everyone else and when something bad happens to one, it is going to impact the whole region. 

At present, globalised activities have tremendously increased due to technological advancement and the prevalence of social media. Such creations have allowed new modes of transportation and communication previously never thought possible.   

Open-ended Question

Do you agree that Singapore will benefit extensively from globalisation? 

Share with us if you agree or disagree? We appreciate that you can provide us at least two points on this issue.

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We will be making discussion on the following articles during our GP tuition classroom or online. The articles are as follow:

How will Covid-19 change travel | The Economist

We are entering the era of e-globalisation | Financial Times

Write a paragraph on how the COVID-19 pandemic has transformed the nature of globalisation.

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  1. Economic Impact of Globalisation
  2. Social Impact of Globalisation
  3. Political Impact of Globalisation
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  1. Is globalisation desirable and inevitable?

  2. Can small countries play a significant role in today’s globalised world?

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Comprehension SAQ: Travel

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