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Social Media: Embrace or Reject?

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5 Crazy Ways Social Media Is Changing Your Brain Right Now

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Overview of Video

Social media has a major influence on society but how does it affect the body? Below are three of such impacts that social media have on us.

Social media has rewired our brains and affects our cognitive abilities. Brain scans have shown similar impediments of regions that drug dependence has. There is a clear degradation of white matter involving decision making and attention which makes individuals crave neurological excitement. 

Social media influences individuals to multitask online but it affects our productivity. Multitasking online reduces our ability to filter out interferences, making it harder to commit information to memory. This affects our focus. Studies found that when comparing heavy media users to others, they perform much worse during task switching tests.

The excess use of devices alters our nervous systems and cultivates the phantom vibration syndrome. Technology has triggered our brains and this creates a Phantom Vibration Syndrome phenomenon where an individual perceives our phone going off, but it did not. In one study, 89% of test subjects said they experienced this at least once every two weeks.

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GP Tutor's View

Social media has been an invention that has only begun to emerge in the past decade. As such, we still do not know much about its ripple impacts on greater society. Even so, extensive research over the years has shed much more light about the inner workings of social media on our mind and spirit. We humans have come to realise that social media is devoid from its intended purpose. This view is echoed by pioneering Iranian blogger Hossein Derakhshan, who wrote the “diversity that the  world wide web had originally envisioned” has given way to “the centralisation of information” inside a select few social networks and is “making us all less powerful in relation to governments and corporations”. 


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Open-ended Question

Social media empowers our voices. Do you agree?

Share with us if you agree or disagree? We appreciate that you can provide us at least two points on this issue.

If you are interested in getting our view on this issue and get notified when there are new issues, please provide us your information after you submit your opinions. Thank you.

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News Articles


In our GP tuition, news articles would be provided to build up the current affairs knowledge of students. Students would be connected to real issues and learn to utilise these informative gems for their essay writing.



We will be making discussion on the following articles during our GP tuition classroom or online. The articles are as follow:

Is access to social networks harming our children? | Today Online

Is access to social networks harming our children? - TODAY (

Dangers lurk in youth’s chase for social media ‘likes’ | CNA

The Big Read: Dangers lurk in youth's chase for social media 'likes' - CNA (


Write a paragraph on how social media negatively affects young people.

Flipside Notes


What’s about Flipside? For these structured notes, questions about the issue would be brainstormed and various perspectives on the issue would be provided. These notes are crafted in a manner so that students can identify the determining factors of perspectives which would help them in their essay development.




  1. What is Social Media
  2. Features of Social Media
  3. Impacts of Social Media
  4. Social Media related terms
Essay Outline + Model Essay


In our GP tuition, we are going through essay writing skills on how to create the structure for the following questions. Students need to understand how they can derive the key areas of writing and examples to apply in the context of this question. 




  1. Is censorship becoming increasingly necessary in today's world?

  2. ‘The cost of quitting social media is too high.’ Discuss.

Compre SAQ/ Summary/AQ


In this part of the gp tuition, students attempt the comprehension and understand the requirements of the various types of question. Students are also taught on how to read, extract and express the answer to fulfill the requirements of the different type of the questions



Comprehension SAQ: The influence of Internet in our Solitude & 

Social Media and Sharing

Skill Development


This part of the lesson is to develop and upgrade the various essay writing skills and comprehension answering techniques.


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