Traditional or Modern Culture?

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What is Culture?

Overview of Video

The video ‘What is Culture?‘ shows some netizens’ responses to the above question. Students can consider the extent to which culture in Singapore fits these responses. More importantly, considering the video’s governmental origins and uncompromisingly positive slant, students should also consider ways in which culture in Singapore does not fit such responses.

GP Tutor's View

Culture is a slippery concept and it is difficult to conceptualise a complex and intangible entity which is consistently evolving and seen from a dimensional perspective. It is subtle and intangible but yet, it is vital to our human development as it provides a soul to define who we are.

Open-ended Question

Do you agree that we have a Singaporean Culture? 

Share with us if you agree or disagree? We appreciate that you can provide us at least two points on this issue. 

If you are interested in getting our view on this issue and get notified when there are new issues, please provide us your information after you submit your opinions. Thank you.

GP Class Activities

News Articles


In our GP tuition, news articles would be provided to build up the current affairs knowledge of students. Students would be connected to real issues and learn to utilise these informative gems for their essay writing.



We will be making discussion on the following articles during our GP tuition classroom or online. The articles are as follow:

Can Singapore keep its precious hawker culture alive? | The Diplomat 

Family runs effigy making workshops to promote a part of Singapore’s cultural heritage | Straits Times

Write a paragraph on how individuals and governments preserve local culture.

Flipside Notes


What’s about Flipside? For these structured notes, questions about the issue would be brainstormed and various perspectives on the issue would be provided. These notes are crafted in a manner so that students can identify the determining factors of perspectives which would help them in their essay development.




  1. What is the significance of culture from the social perspective?
  2. Main influences of culture
  3. Does the rise of American cultural imperialism negatively affect indigenous cultures worldswide?
  4. Forces contributing to globalisation of culture
Essay Outline + Model Essay


In our GP tuition, we are going through essay writing skills on how to create the structure for the following questions. Students need to understand how they can derive the key areas of writing and examples to apply in the context of this question. 




  1. How effective has your country been in creating a national identity?
  2. It is definitely more advantageous to be a diverse society than a homogenous one. Discuss.
Compre SAQ/ Summary/AQ


In this part of the gp tuition, students attempt the comprehension and understand the requirements of the various types of question. Students are also taught on how to read, extract and express the answer to fulfill the requirements of the different type of the questions



Comprehension SAQ: Value and Tyranny Of Efficiency

Skill development


This part of the lesson is to develop and upgrade the various essay writing skills and comprehension answering techniques.



Learning Content: